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adam smith asmithblog blog leadershipHi, my name is Adam Smith and welcome to asmithblog.com. Because of my work as an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker, I have been named as a top industry influencer by American Genius.

My family and I moved from Atlanta, GA to Colorado six years ago. I have been married to my amazing wife, Jasmine, for eleven years now and we have two children, Colbie Wren and Nolan Luke.


ABOUT asmithblog.com

If there is anything I have learned from life, it is that more than anything else in this world, people matter. That is actually why this blog exists. Most resources never go on to explain the importance of leading through life to impact the lives of others, so I saw the need, and I filled it with asmithblog.com.



This experienced team of writers focus on the six main topics you need to lead in life, and they are:

  • Relationships

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Using Social Media to Share Your Story With The World

  • Focus/Time Management

  • Creativity

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