Write Simple Emails to Get Better Responses – Kirby Ingles


Are your emails always getting overlooked? Are you tired of not getting your emails answered after you spend your precious time writing them? On average, a person receives more than 100 emails and sends over 30 emails every day, so it is easy to go unnoticed. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are 9 simple email rules you need to follow to see immediate results:

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Rewrite the Social Media Operating System – Reade Milner


Every effective machine requires an operating system that guides it to take the right actions. Social media is a machine that needs a similarly efficient and effective system. To make social media actually pay dividends for business or personal branding efforts, consider taking a look at the operating system. Is it strategic? Is it even intentional?

You have to be intentional about social media if there is ever going to be any value that comes from it, just like with anything else in life or business. One must continually refine and improve systems to ensure maximum efficiency. This is actually easier for new businesses than for older, established brands. There’s something to be said for starting from scratch. But even if there isn’t a fresh start, there are ways to make sure that best practices are being followed.

Here are some habits you can implement in your business right now:

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The Uncritical Critique: How to Not Be Mean – Erik Tyler


As a leader or influencer of any kind, it is inevitable that you will be called upon to provide feedback on other people’s performance, work, attitude, etc. This may be part of the formal responsibilities required of your position, such as handling annual reviews or solving HR issues. But whether this is true for you or not, if you are respected and good at what you do, you will eventually be asked for your opinions on the creative or business-related work others have done. And that feedback or opinion will not always be positive.

I myself have been asked countless times to critique or provide feedback to songwriters and musicians, new authors or bloggers, web and graphic designers, novice entrepreneurs and a host of others. And while I’m certainly honored that such people hold my own work in high regard within each of these areas, it can get dicey when what I’m asked to critique is … well, just plain bad.

What do you do in these potentially awkward situations?

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