Big Fat Lie # 1: How To Say What You Don’t Mean – Erik Tyler


I know you think you are a nice person and all, but the truth is that you are a liar. In fact, you’ve been lying all week long.

Don’t feel too badly. So have I. And I’m here today in hopes of helping you become even better at it.


Our language is actually brilliantly crafted to allow us – even force us – to lie in order to be clearly understood or to avoid offending others in everyday interactions.  Lying is actually one of the earmarks of a native or proficient speaker of many languages.

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#064: Make Life Easier With These 7 Steps



We have all made things more difficult than they need to be, and most of these times are due to not putting enough thought into our actions. Sure, it is important to begin moving ahead, but what about knowing where we are going? I would say that anticipation is a much needed quality for all of us to possess. The key to foresight is knowing that it is much less about luck than what most would make it out to be. When we put thought into our lives each calculated response can make life easier. When we take correct action now, the future can become much more predictable.

Do you want to lead a remarkable life? Put thought into it. On the other hand, if you want to lead an unremarkable life, don’t think about what effects your actions will make. Most people think that life lived according to the latter principle is much easier, when it’s actually much more difficult to make wise decisions on the fly when we don’t have grounded beliefs. When we know beyond a shadow of a doubt what we were made to be and do, clarity comes. Sure surprises come, but many less of them are present when we choose to look ahead. The secret is to not only think about today, but to look at tomorrow, next week, next year, the next ten years, the next twenty-five, and so on. It requires a mental shift to see the importance in this, but your future deserves it.

Here are the seven ways I have found to make life easier in my own life each and every time before taking anything new on:

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