Do Your Rounds: A Fun and Proactive Approach to Relationship Building – Andre Castillo


The image above shows me “doing rounds” in the Middle East back in 2005. It’s how I learned how to speak Arabic. It’s also how I quickly developed one of the largest professional networks in my job despite having been one of the youngest and least experienced members in a half-billion-person large organization. Because of my strong network of relationships, I was quickly seen as a leader among my peers, which enabled me to lead large, prestigious initiatives far sooner than anyone had imagined — while being as many as three decades younger than those I led.

Focusing on relationship building is how I did it.

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone to Find Creativity – Ryan Bonaparte


Recently, I went on a camping trip with a group of friends as a sort of retreat. It was a time to relax, but also to find ways to reflect on the work we had done as an organization over the past year. Now, I’m no stranger to camping, having been a Boy Scout for the better part of my childhood, but it had been a while since I have spent any significant amount of time in the woods. Immediately, my thoughts were filled with how this experience could be out of my comfort zone, and how I would rather stay in the confines of the modern world. Obviously, I didn’t hold on to these notions, as I decided to go and enjoy what ended up being a very relaxing trip.

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