Striking A Balance Between Creativity and Action – Ryan Bonaparte


As the creativity writer, I obviously focus on the benefits of creativity, and how practicing creative habits can enhance your life. There is something incredibly important about finding your creative side in whatever you are doing and applying it completely. Looking at the aftermath can be inspiring as you realize that you have created something new or adopted something that already existed in a new way.

But creativity can take time. Creativity can take energy. And there are definitely moments when neither are available.

When time is running out, the deadline is approaching, and you have been cranking on a project for what seems like forever, creativity is probably the last thing on your mind.

And that’s okay.

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How Pomodoro Helped Me Focus – Kirby Ingles


Did you know that your body works in cycles of natural energy and focus?

The well-known Pomodoro technique is one of the easiest ways to help you build a rhythm in your work schedule that embraces natural energy and focus.

Francesco Cirillo discovered this technique in the late 1980’s. You start with a 25 minute work cycle and rest for 5 minutes. This is one cycle. After four cycles you get to take a 15-30 minute break depending on your preference.

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Dropbox Gets Social – How to Use the New Features – Reade Milner


Dropbox finally understands that file sharing isn’t just about making a single file accessible to all the parties involved, but is also about making it a social experience as they collaborate and discuss the files in question. And although basic collaboration tools have always been on the menu for business accounts, the file sharing guru makes the new social capability of Dropbox available across all users.

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