#057: Do What Is Necessary to Create




If you are a creative, then you know there are some things you have to do to carry out creativity. You have a responsibility to look at the world in a different way. Of course, doing the same things that everyone else is doing will get you the same results that everyone else is achieving. You can and will accomplish more with your life when you adopt creativity for yourself.

The excuse for most people that don’t create outside of their minimum basic contributions to this world is a lack of time. I mean, I get it. But, to do what you truly want to with your life, your view on how you are creative will have to change. When you change your view, you will realize that the creativity you are pursuing won’t complete itself. If you are to become more creative, then you will need to give it some effort, but I can help get you there.

I want to help you get your best jump start on living a more creative life, so here are five tips that you need to live out more creativity with your life:

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Why You Shouldn’t Quit – Christina Faith


There are a lot of quitters in the world. In fact there are more quitters than there are finishers. Our world would be a significantly different place if we finished what we started. In no way am I suggesting I am a master finisher, but I do tend to finish more than your average person.

A few years ago a few friends of mine got engaged. They had a lot of issues prior to their engagement, yet they attempted to forge forward anyway. However, they didn’t get married because they refused to workout the issues of their hearts as they were revealed. I have seen a lot of people get married and unengaged due to issues of the heart. The issues of our hearts tend to look like our unfinished projects. We have a lot of excitement, so we rush to finish them. A quarter of the way through the project we realize that the project or relationship isn’t as easy as we expected. It requires a deeper evaluation of our thoughts and more criticism that we can stomach.

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How I Think About The Power Of Creativity – Ryan Bonaparte


The power of creativity isn’t often included in the lists of powerful skills and habits. Normally we think of skills like confidence, persistence, and charisma. Creativity is often viewed as a side effect of being an amazing person with great ideas, and not something that can be honed and developed.

Truly, creativity is what drives some people to achieve wonderful works of art, science, and innovation. Creativity is in fact very powerful and should be one of the most powerful skills developed over time.

Think about some of the most impactful leaders, movers, and shakers that you know of. These people shaped the world around them and left lasting impacts on their respective industries. I can almost guarantee that they developed their expertise and influence through applied creativity. Taking what other think to be true and expanding on, or even going counter to that is exactly what leads to serious results.

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