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Leadership is Not Perspective Art – Glenn Brooke

Within leadership, smart leaders are cautious about anything, which includes deliberate attempts to fool a customer, colleague, or partner.

#036: Why Is It So Difficult To Be Honest With Ourselves?

In this episode, Adam answers the important question, “Why is it so difficult to be honest with ourselves?”.

How You Can Be the Hero in Your Marriage – Jackie Bledsoe

Having a consistent date night can turn you into the hero in your marriage.

3 Big Pictures Visionaries See – Nate Turner

Creating vision is difficult. Visionaries think differently. Here are three big pictures that will help you develop visionary thinking.

In Business Relationships, People are Friends, Not Food – Daniel Kosmala

Ever feel like your business relationships are more about the ‘what’ than the ‘who’? Instead of B2B or B2C, why not be P2P? Person to Person.

4 Ways to Build a Daily Writing Habit by Keeping a Journal – Reade Milner

Here are my 5 favorite tools for building a daily writing habit by keeping a journal.

Do You Prefer To Work With Women Or Men? – Julia Winston

Many prefer to work with men over women. Others prefer to work with women over men. Is it a preference about gender or more about communication style?