Focus on the Value of Social Networks – Kirby Ingles


Previously we talked about bringing email back in line to improve concentration, and this week leads us to social networks. I would love to know the progress you are making in your journey to living a more productive life. Please leave a comment about your progress or email me at [email protected] If you are still struggling a little bit, revisit these great articles for more advice on email control.

The next biggest distraction in life after email is becoming social networks. The bottom line is that you don’t need to be on every social network. There are reasons for each social network. Taking back your time and concentrating might be as simple as evaluating the reasons you’re on each social network. Is this the social network for you or does this social network provide the value you need? My advice to you is to keep those that are useful and eliminate the rest.

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Big Fat Lie # 1: How To Say What You Don’t Mean – Erik Tyler


I know you think you are a nice person and all, but the truth is that you are a liar. In fact, you’ve been lying all week long.

Don’t feel too badly. So have I. And I’m here today in hopes of helping you become even better at it.


Our language is actually brilliantly crafted to allow us – even force us – to lie in order to be clearly understood or to avoid offending others in everyday interactions.  Lying is actually one of the earmarks of a native or proficient speaker of many languages.

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