People Matter – Dewitt Robinson


I hope you have enjoyed reading my previous two posts as a brief overview of Dale Partridge’s book here and here.

While these reviews may be helpful they are not as powerful as owning your own copy. Visit Amazon to purchase a copy of People Over Profit by clicking here.

As we continue our look at Dale’s writings, I want to call our attention to his thoughts in Chapter 5 – People Matter. The focus of this chapter serves as a reminder to emphasize individuals more than the company or organization.

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10 Valuable Ideas for Staying Focused in Life – Kirby Ingles


Staying focused in life is a problem the majority of people face. There are distractions everywhere and all of us have many different roles that conflict with each other. We are juggling time, shifting tasks and responding to crises daily. Everybody has a vision and goals that they want to achieve, but many are not proactively pursuing them with intention. Below is a list of 10 valuable ideas for staying focused in life. They are in no order of rank or implementation. Make an effort to incorporate them one-by-one and have a clear advantage in life.

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