#064: Make Life Easier With These 7 Steps



We have all made things more difficult than they need to be, and most of these times are due to not putting enough thought into our actions. Sure, it is important to begin moving ahead, but what about knowing where we are going? I would say that anticipation is a much needed quality for all of us to possess. The key to foresight is knowing that it is much less about luck than what most would make it out to be. When we put thought into our lives each calculated response can make life easier. When we take correct action now, the future can become much more predictable.

Do you want to lead a remarkable life? Put thought into it. On the other hand, if you want to lead an unremarkable life, don’t think about what effects your actions will make. Most people think that life lived according to the latter principle is much easier, when it’s actually much more difficult to make wise decisions on the fly when we don’t have grounded beliefs. When we know beyond a shadow of a doubt what we were made to be and do, clarity comes. Sure surprises come, but many less of them are present when we choose to look ahead. The secret is to not only think about today, but to look at tomorrow, next week, next year, the next ten years, the next twenty-five, and so on. It requires a mental shift to see the importance in this, but your future deserves it.

Here are the seven ways I have found to make life easier in my own life each and every time before taking anything new on:

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Tim Cook vs. Steve Jobs and the New Apple Economy – Beth Kelly


This is a guest post from Beth Kelly, who is a freelance writer and blogger. Born and raised in Michigan, she moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University where she graduated in 2011. She lived in Krakow, Poland briefly before moving to South Korea to teach English. She writes most frequently on health and technology topics. You can follow her on Twitter @bkelly_88.

Corporate leadership is a difficult quality to define; different individuals embody different philosophies pertaining to the fleeting notion of success, and, if the climate’s right, they just might knock it out of the park. This is perhaps most clearly illustrated by the example of Apple, which achieved new heights under visionary CEO Steve Jobs. Now, several years later, the tech company now appears to be performing just as well – possibly even better – under the lower-profile, workhorse-like leadership of current leader Tim Cook. Why could this be the case?

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You Need to Put Creativity Systems In Place – Ryan Bonaparte


I hate forgetting a great idea, because I build my life around working with ideas. My writing, my advising, and my business pursuits not only rely on my ability to be creative, but to also take those creative ideas and use them to their full potential. But that can’t happen if I can’t remember what I thought of.

Creative ideas can strike you at any time and in any place. A classic place that most people will agree on is in the shower. Another is driving/commuting to work. Also right as you’re falling asleep, ideas just seem to flow. Unfortunately, none of these places are ideal for sitting down, writing out your thoughts, and reflecting on how they can impact your work.

However, after many trials, I have started to develop systems that allow me to not only capture my creative ideas, but to also put them in context so that I can act on them later as if it were occurring in the moment.

First, I’ll share my system, but since I know it won’t work for everyone, I will include the key elements you want to make sure are part of any system you choose.

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