DIY: Focus on Commitment – Kirby Ingles


Many issues with focus are self-inflicted. Many of these are developed during childhood and continue into later stages of life. If you want to change your behavior, you have to change your mindset. Many of life’s roadblocks are obstacles we have placed in our own paths that hinder our progress. Our perspectives and attitudes are entrenched in how we live our lives. These gremlins sabotage our ability to fulfill our purpose.

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When Life Happens – Jed Jurchenko

Life happens. This is normal. Press forward. Use adversity to grow, and begin preparing now by assembling a good team.

Life Happens

This was one of those weeks where life happened. Things were supposed to go much smoother than they did. My wife was away for the weekend at a leadership conference. The two older girls were with their mother. This left myself and Addison, my ten-month-old daughter, with the house to ourselves. We were going to hike (with Addison in the baby backpack), eat plenty of snacks, watch a copious amount of cartoons, and I was going to write. Saturday morning came, and everything was going as planned. I brewed a fresh pot of coffee. Addison was engrossed in Telletubbie reruns on Netflix. I sat down at the computer, and then everything unraveled.

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