Film Class: The Character and Ethics of Leadership – Dewitt Robinson


Over the past few weeks, I have attempted to shed light on Dale Partridge’s book People Over Profit through a different lens. If you have missed any post, you can read People Matter, 10 Ways To Be A Person Over Profit, and Purpose Over Profit.

I am a high school teacher and like feedback during class. In that spirit, let’s imagine today that we are in an interactive virtual class. Select one of your favorite movies and focus on the main character (protagonist/leader), or the character in the film who stood out the most to you. I am a teacher and love the film Lean On Me starring Morgan Freeman, who plays the character of Principal Joe Clark. In the film, Freeman plays a no-nonsense high school principal who is determined to turn his school around. As an example of how to apply film analysis to real life, I have answered the following questions based on the film.

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Hurry! Make Better Choices with Unlimited Time – Kirby Ingles


Arnold Bennett, the Author of How to Live Your Life on 24 Hours a Day stated, “We never shall have any more time. We have, and we have always had, all the time there is.” How very honest Bennett is about this undervalued truth.

The last couple of weeks I have scurried about like a squirrel getting ready for winter. I have helped my wife prepare for our son, Andrew. He will have left the womb yesterday and will be snuggling in our arms about the time you start to read this. My eyes well up thinking about this special moment and what it represents. I incorporated all the hacks and schedules I know of to get my graduate studies done, wrote two blog posts, have fulfilled my role as a husband and father, have continued my rituals and have also entertained the parents as they are here in preparation for the greatest gift God could ever trust me with. I am feeling thrilled and blessed.

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