#065: How and Why to Get More Sleep



As you know, I tend to talk a lot about action because it is how I am geared and it’s what actually gets things done. But what I haven’t given enough attention to is downtime through sleep. I haven’t always been the best at getting more sleep, but this is a serious change I am beginning to make in my life. After adopting a nonsensical mentality of “I’ll work now and sleep when I die” for many years to keep up with everything, this change comes from many people close to me calling it out in my own life. I just can’t keep the pace up. This kind of lifestyle has become a real epidemic in 2015 for all of us.

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How To Find More Rest, Create Better Relationships & Get More Done

Take vacations more often.

As I am writing this I am also planning a vacation in the fall with Jasmine. Taking vacations regularly is something we have failed to do often in the past, but we believe that vacationing is a great way to rejuvenate, see the world, and spark creativity. Vacationing moves you out of your daily routine and allows for enjoyment in the rest that comes from spending more downtime away from home. I understand if you haven’t vacationed much in the past. I mean, if you work for a company in the United States, you get the least amount of paid vacation in the world according to recent research. This is due to the world placing heightened expectations on others, but you don’t have to be the norm in this. Break from the status quo and learn to get creative with taking time off. Even if it’s more weekend getaways that you can do right now to make time for relaxation, it is important to implement this in your life right away.

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Why You Need A Creative Space – Ryan Bonaparte


Whether you write, paint, build, or plan, we’ve all had great ideas but no way to bring them to fruition. Maybe we’re lacking in skills. Maybe we don’t have the proper tools. Or maybe we don’t have anywhere to actually do what we need to do.

Here’s where a dedicated creative space comes in. It’s in this creative space that we can do our best work, get what we need done, and truly flourish as creatives.

This space can be something personal, in a spare room, or even just a nook in the corner of the living room. One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, grew his space from a desk in his kitchen to a custom designed room with whiteboards, numerous monitors, and a dedicated meditation space. (Check out his tour here.)

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