#058: How To Grow An Audience



Growing an audience begins with this question –

What matters most?

Say it with me.

This is something I had to define for myself three years ago when I rebranded my online presence. I answered this question with “caring about people” and built my entire brand on that. This is why I begin each week’s blog topics with relationships, and then fill the rest of the week with other topics to equip people with the tools they need to lead in life. Relationship with people is the foundation for what each and every one of us contribute to this world. I don’t care what job you have, the Why? behind what you do should always be that it will impact people. It is when we lose sight of the Why? that we begin losing focus of our own importance in carrying out the mission.

Right before I did this online rebranding, I read Patrick Lencioni’s The Three Signs of A Miserable Job and remembered that one of the three points he made was that jobs are miserable if you don’t know why they matter. We can apply this concept not only to our jobs, but anything we do. When you put people on the receiving end of what you do, you then know why you and your company exists. Introverted or extroverted, at the very core of us all is the desire to impact people, whether we realize it or not.

If you have lost sight of the Why? for your role in your business, here are 3 ways to get back to doing what matters most and get back to growing your audience:

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Why Is Networking So Important? – Christina Faith

This past week I had a dreaded experience. I signed up to attend a “speed mentoring” event during Philly Tech Week. After I signed up for all of the week’s activities I decided to sign up for speed mentoring. I am not a person who is afraid of organic networking, but I do loathe networking events.
When I arrived at the event, we had to sign in and were given color-coded name tags. Each color represented the reason for you being at the event – Looking for a Job, Company or Sponsor, Networking, or Speaker.

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My Favorite Creative Times of The Day – Ryan Bonaparte


Creative thinking can hit you at any moment. You might be driving along the road and suddenly get the inspiration that would shape your business or other work.

I love the moments, but since creativity is so critical to what I do on a regular basis, I’ve had to understand how I work best and when I can expect to be at my peak creative performance. As with any part of performance, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, it can be extremely helpful to know when you’re at your peak, and when you may not be doing your best.

Here are some of my favorite creative times of the day:

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