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Here are 52 great questions to ask your direct reports.

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In this episode, Adam discusses what instilling minimalism into your life can do for you.

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Risky Creativity – Nate Turner

By nature, creativity is risky. The fear of risk will hold creativity hostage. Here are two key principles that can help you overcome the fear of risk.

3 Reasons You Need a Reverse Mentor – Daniel Kosmala

Mentoring is normally known as an older person pouring into the life of a younger person. But there’s just as much value to be found in a reverse mentor.

What LeBron James Can Teach Us About Social Media – Reade Milner

Here are 3 tips to becoming the LeBron James of your social media strategy.

What Fruit Can Teach Us About Good Presentations – Julia Winston

The opening and closing of presentations are just as important as the content. Included in this post are five ways to have great opening and closings.