Five Keys to Effective Collaboration – Jed Jurchenko


In school, counselors in training are taught to guard the confidentiality of their clients. Because of this, I had always pictured working as a therapist as somewhat isolated. Imagine my surprise when, shortly after graduating, I found myself swept-up in a highly collaborative process. Each week I have the privilege of connecting with teachers, medical doctors, social workers, other therapists, and members of the treatment team.

Our world is rapidly changing and collaboration has become the norm. Instructors are in the same boat. Currently, I am teaching a course with three other professionals. There is the teacher who designed the course, an instructor responsible for giving the lectures, and myself–the professor overseeing the on-line activity.

Writing is equally as collaborative. This week, my friend Erik has been coaching me on how to automate my blog posts through e-mail. I’m also teaming up with an online acquaintance to begin a mastermind group, and a third friend and I are brainstorming creative strategies for increasing the reach of our message. Truly, collaboration is everywhere.

As you can imagine, I have been learning a lot about the importance of partnering with others. Here are five strategies that have helped me grow in the collaborative process.

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Every Leader Takes Hits – Glenn Brooke


Every leader takes hits. There’s a cowardly part of me that does not want this to be true.  But it is true. I’ve heard both [American] football and hockey players say that the best players are willing to take a hit.  That’s how they are engaged at the deepest level in the game.

You will take hits.  People will misquote you, abuse you, accuse you, talk about you untruthfully, and misjudge your motives. You will say things that offend people. You will not make everyone happy all the time. You will fall short of people’s expectations. Study biographies – even the people we admire the most later on had plenty of real-time and near-term critics.

You are not living in a world where everyone is going to like you.

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#060: Why You Should Start A Blog




I don’t have the typical writing story of beginning to write in elementary school and being engulfed in reading from childhood.  I don’t know if that’s the typical story actually, but I didn’t enjoy reading until high school and I began writing shortly after that, because it was my introverted way of getting things out of my head. After I had been writing for a few years, I had a college professor tell me that I should focus more on my writing because he saw potential in me. So, I did what anyone should do when they want to focus more on their writing. I sought out the necessary tools to do so in the digital age.

Here are the three things that blogs allow writers to capitalize on:
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