It is Time for Businesses to Embrace Social Media or Cease to Exist – Reade Milner


Is your brand on social media? This is one of the common questions that businesspeople everywhere hear on a regular basis. No matter what field or industry you might be in, people are always curious whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Some people become enthusiastic and immediately give out the link to their social media profiles. But for others, they just shrug and say, “That’s not for us”. This is where the problem starts.

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Spreading Your Message through Social Media – Jed Jurchenko


Learning to effectively communicate through social media can be an adventure. My adventure began approximately a year ago, and I have discovered a ton along the way. I’ve learned that spreading a message via social media can be quite the balancing act. Knowing what to share, how much information to provide, and how often to engage is never easy. And, if your message is something that you passionately believe in, deciding how frequently to present your “call to action” can also be a conundrum. Make too many requests and you will come across as pushy. Yet, people who don’t ask for the support of others fail to draw attention to their cause.

I’ve never met anyone who wants to sound like a salesman, and I truly believe that most people don’t enjoy spamming our inboxes. Yet, the push for sales and the spammy messages continue day after day. The truth of the matter is that trying to communicate through social media can be frustrating. The good news is there are strategies that work!

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Crazy Useful Questions Leaders Ask – Glenn Brooke

About projects:

What’s the tempo?

What surprised you, and how will you ensure not to be surprised again? 

If you had to blow up this project, where is the critical point to place the explosives?

Where have you underestimated?

Where are people bored, and where are they frightened?

How do we measure progress?

What do we want to be able to say, to whom, and when?

Where is complacency or lethargy limiting progress?

Dreaming about the future:

What’s our big Why?

What could we learn from XYZ industry that’s different than ours?

What’s our biggest problem, and how do we bypass it?

What strengths do we have that our competition does not have?

Who is a small competitor now that is growing quickly? 

What will we/our customer/our investors feel like when we/they reach this future?

How can we work backwards to chart a path for the desired future?

Who do we need? 

What signals us that we’re getting off-track?

To a direct report:

What’s something new I can do to help you?

Where do you need someone else to come in and help out?

What have you learned in the past 2 days?

Who have you met recently that you didn’t know before?

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

What should we stop doing because it’s just not valuable anymore?

What are the most critical 10% of your activities which you’re uniquely positioned/qualified for?

Gut check: how is your heart?

To Yourself:

What is the 1% thing which is so valuable I should invest more time/energy in it?

Do I have the right rhythms of taking information in, and creating?

Am I building on the strengths of the people in my organization, and preparing for future growth/turnover/change?

Where are opportunities to communicate more/better – up to customers, senior leaders, investors; sideways to peers and my broad network; down to people in my particular organization? 

Where do I need to exercise better self-control and self-leadership?

What other questions would you add?