your readers want you, not someone else

It’s hard being you. I get it.

Everybody has ideas. There’s the ones you actually think. And then there’s those ones that you think you think.
Those are the ideas that you get from others and make them your own.
This happens with ideas, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, whatever.

I find myself trying to be someone I’m not from time to time because they’re popular or “made it” or something like that.
The thing I’ve found is that me being me and you being you benefits everyone.

What makes you…you?

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  1. Sean Sabourin says

    Great post and has definitely got me thinking. I believe what makes me…me is my life experiences. No one can take those away from me, or you even. I too find myself slipping into the trap of trying to be like others but I must constantly remind myself that I am who He has created me to be. I remember a time when I was really admired this gift communicator and in someways I wanted to be like him but a still small voice spoke deep into my heart that isn’t who I was created to be. What a sobering thought. Thanks again for sharing this post.

  2. says

    Wise words…why do we want to be someone else? Somehow I get the idea that being someone else will bring me benefits I otherwise won’t have or will cause others to admire me more. Problem is, it’s empty, because it’s a facade. It will eventually backfire. Besides that, it’s too much work!