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it’s been a while since my last post. if you follow me on twitter or facebook, then you know why… we had Colbie Wren. it feels like we’ve been talking about this moment for a while now. heck, it feels like Jasmine has been pregnant forever.

the point of this post is to remind myself how important it is to write things down.

so yeah, this post is kind of like a journal. i’ll try to just cover the highlights so i don’t bore you with all the details. that would take forever.

it’s been a whirlwind of a week, but i think i have my schedule back where i want it. let me start off by saying that
the whole labor experience was way more than i ever expected.

people used to tell me it will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before and it would just go in one ear and out the other.

i get it now.

it all started Saturday night at 7:30 pm MST.

i like that Jasmine got induced, so we had Colbie on our schedule instead of me trying to make a mad dash to the hospital. i built up the ride to the hospital in my mind. i pictured myself plowing through red lights and maybe hitting a pedestrian or two to make it just in time, but this wasn’t the case. boo. maybe next time around.

let’s just say Saturday night was the slow part. they started everything at 7:30pm on Saturday night, but it took until 8am on Sunday morning for things to really get started. we called to get an epidural, but it took an hour for the guy to get to us. i wanted to say many harsh letters to him. (not the actual harsh words, just the first letters to harsh words)
for that hour between us calling for the epidural and the anesthesiologist to get to us, i found that the crazy lamaze class videos were real. noisy stuff.

once jasmine did get the epidural, she slept from six centimeters to nine-and-a-half centimeters.
let me just say that epidurals are cool.

ten centimeters came about forty-five minutes later and she only pushed for twenty minutes.

Colbie Wren was born on April 3rd, 2011 at 12:26pm.

what an experience.
everybody was hugging and crying and laughing.
i’m sure those of you that are parents know what i’m saying and those of you that don’t have kids yet probably don’t quite get it, or maybe you do.

since you are like family to me, that needed to be written down and shared.

now i need to write down everything that’s happened since then.

When you don’t write down or video or however you capture those special memories you want to remember, they will be lost along with the things that didn’t even matter.
eventually life will become one big blur and you will have to think hard about what made your life worth remembering.

don’t let that happen.

What do you need to write down before you forget it?

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  1. says

    Man, I know I haven’t been here in a while, but just wanted to say congrats bro! For me, a lot of times, I need to write down a certain verse or quote that I hear so that I don’t forget it.

  2. Oatkake says

    Your little Colbie is super cute…nOne of the things I wish I had written more about is my trip to Africa.

  3. Shellie Kubicki says

    We only had 1 child (together). And my only child. nWhen we started packing up our house of 20 years for the move to WA, I got lost in all those baby pictures. And it didn’t stop when she turned 6. Because then there was cheerleading. Basketball. Volleyball. And many trips to CO. 1 to Yellowstone. Well, the pics never stopped. nAnd when she was a teen she turn her closet door into a collage. And it stayed up until Sept 2009 when we were packing up. And she was nearly 23. It was fun to look at those again, too. Friends. Lots & lots of friends. nShe still documents friends. Must be the extrovert in her!! nColbie is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to more pics & stories from Dad. They never get old, unless you’ve never had kids. Then it might be a little much!! Congrats to you & Jasmine. You are gonna love being a parent!

  4. says

    Congrats! Absolutely beautiful. nnAnd I want to say that it is awesome to see a guy write this down on his blog. Plenty moms blog about the birth story, but it is wonderful to see a guy wanting to capture it all. Amazingly, you do forget parts although at this moment you wonder how that could be possible. nnCongratulations again!