Author: Adam Smith

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  • jackalopekid

    I look forward to getting outside each day. I guess you would understand if you lived in Colorado. Especially in the Spring.

  • @hipcatmattio

    The thing I look forward to the most everyday is seeing my fiancée. What can I say- I'm a hopeless romantic? Every day is one day closer to the day we'll be husband and wife and I cannot wait until that glorious day comes!

    • jackalopekid

      good stuff

  • wackywilliams

    the thing I most look forward to is hanging out with my pup everyday

    • jackalopekid

      i want a dog

  • @sadlierka

    The thing I look forward to the most everyday is going outside and either having my quiet time out there or walking downtown to the church and listening to worship music in the morning. Its really nice. Both are sooo good.

    • jackalopekid


  • @Blessedpanda

    The think I look forward to the most is checking the mail. Today could be the day I get a
    new Netflix movie or a package or even a random card with a check in it!

    • jackalopekid

      there ya go. Its like Christmas!

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