That’s an amazing word. Christians use that word when they try to describe when Jesus came into their life.

Here’s an exact definition:

save 1 (sv)
v. saved, sav·ing, saves
a. To rescue from harm, danger, or loss.
b. To set free from the consequences of sin; redeem.
2. To keep in a safe condition; safeguard.
3. To prevent the waste or loss of; conserve.

So, when we talk about being “saved”, what do you think of the saying…

“Once saved, always saved”?

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  • Michael

    I see it like this, and I think the Bible backs this up: if salvation is a gift, not of ourselves and we don’t earn it, how could we do anything to lose it?

    • Guy

      If you can’t do anything to lose it, then how did you do something to gain it? I’m not saying salvation is constantly fluctuating. See, salvation is a gift we choose to accept and if we choose to no longer accept it then it can go. When a person is ‘saved’ their free will does not disappear. In my humble opinion.

  • Jennye

    Saved, means life transformed.

    As long as a true life transformation occurs, once saved always saved. Once we get a taste, and the spirit radically transforms our life than there isn’t any turning back. There can’t be, its an addiction- one can’t go back to their old ways.

    Will we face danger though? YES. To follow Jesus should be dangerous, and we lose a lot but gain so much more. We are redeemed people, and find safety and peace in His spirit which dwells in us that moment we chose to follow Him, the moment we are saved. And to conserve… we have eternal life. With the King of all Kings… how cool is that?

    As long as we are following Christ, we are saved. Once saved, always saved. When Salvation happens there’s no turning back.

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  • kw

    This is a toughie for me, having recently left a legalistic denomination of which I was a part for 20+ years. I was save in the 7th grade (I’m 52 now) and have raised 4 sons in the faith, two of whom are ordained ministers.

    But I still struggle with doubts about my “salvation.”

    Great thought-provoking question.

  • Fatherhood Factor

    This set of definitions really describes the fact that our salvation is something that takes place because of God’s working in and through us….resulting in His sovereignty and grace being that which saves and keeps us.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Tim Matheny

    With all due respect to other posters:
    If “once saved, always saved” means that one can never be lost, what does Hebrews 6:4-6 mean when it talks about those who have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit and THEN have fallen away?
    How about Simon, the former sorcerer in Acts 8? Verse 13 says that Simon believed and was baptized (according to Jesus, that means he was saved), but by verse 21 his heart is not “right before God” and Peter tells him he must repent to be forgiven, because he is in the bondage of sin.
    I invite anyone to check your Bible – whichever translation you use, doesn’t matter. You won’t find “once saved, always saved” anywhere in the text. I guess you have to learn it from a different source?
    I don’t want the Savior to say this of me: “But in vain do they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.”

    • Ckal03

      Please carefully the text you’ve given… Right before the start Simon the sorcerer was not saved. He just believed primarily because of the miracles and wonders but not truly saved. Many people think that by just believing the fact that Christ is the savior, or there is God, man can be saved. Even satan believed in Christ but he was not saved. A person can be saved yes by believing Christ not only as Savior but also as Lord (Romans 10:9-10). Accepting Him as Lord means giving up or surrendering everything to Him, asking for forgiveness for your sins and trusting Him completely (Luke 9:23-24). That’s what we call true faith and genuine repentance. And that’s not good works, it is just a right response to the invitation of Christ for the salvation of man. And once a person totally put his faith and truly repent for his sins, he is saved forever. (Romans 8:35-39; )nAnd one more thing, baptism is not a guaranty that a person is saved. Nowhere in the bible teaches that a person can be saved by baptism.

  • Mschofield

    I always think of the song “Amazing Grace” I once was lost biy now I’m “saved’.

  • CariAz_13

    Sorry I meant “but” now I’m saved! Typo..ugh in last post!

  • CariAz13

    Lol was just informed it “now I’m found”..could be a new topic?!

    • jackalopekid


  • Kimberly Flotho

    By grace are ye saved through faith, not of works lest any man should boast, it is the gift of God… a gift is forever – :)

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