I tweeted the other day that it took me way too long to find out what the really important stuff in life is. And I mean every word of that. It took me six years of marriage to figure this one out. I said God was first, but he really wasn’t. I said Jasmine was second, but she really wasn’t. Just because you say how you feel or say what you care about doesn’t mean that you actually feel that way. Your actions say a lot for sure. How much time you spend with that person or consumed in that activity also says a lot about your priorities, too. I’m not saying all of this because I think that I’m an expert or anything. I would just like to challenge you to reevaluate your priorities like I did to make sure they are all where they should be. We could all learn something from each other for sure.

Love Languages
my wants, my likes, my habits

Author: Adam Smith

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  • Marcus Williamson

    Good reminder man! I agree big time on the actions deal. This is something that has to continuously be at the fore front for me, that where you spend the most time fully is where your heart is…and yeah I don’t have it all together either. Far from it, lol!

    • jackalopekid

      glad to hear i’m not the only one

  • Purplebutterfly

    such a cutie first of all and yes how important it is life is so short for me its the kids and my job….greatful I am that I have that because so many do not…thanks for sharing your feelings.

    • jackalopekid

      i know ur talking about jasmine. oh and thanks for reading

  • Blane Young

    Simple. Convicting. Bold.

    Not an easy one to swallow or click the “Like” button…

    • jackalopekid

      click it. ha :)

  • Purplebutterfly

    yes I was talking about her…..

  • Christian Church Pastor

    A 360 degree review is a good way to check our actions against perceptions.

    Did Jasmine have to point this out to you?

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