Big Fat Lie # 2: How To Say What You Didn’t Actually Say – Erik Tyler


In my last post, I called you a liar. That is because you are one. And I trust you were challenged to become an even better liar after having read the aforementioned post – that you were inspired to incorporate strong idioms and figures of speech to vary your language approach, make your message more clear, and improve both your oral and written communication through clear voice and tone.

Today’s Big Lie is all about skillful slips of tongue. We’ll also cover how to approximate those linguistic loopholes in writing, which is both tricky – and, at times, immensely useful.


As before, I’m going to ask you to stop in a moment and consider something before continuing to read: to answer a question to yourself (or, better yet, in writing), as part of the exploration and learning process. You may think you don’t need that step; and, as most anything else in life, the choice is yours. But carefully considering what you already know or believe about a topic before learning more will significantly increase the impact and “stickiness” of the new information.

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Smart Business Travel Rhythms – Glenn Brooke


Business travel is fun, exhausting, disruptive, exciting, boring, time-consuming, distracting, mind-expanding, enlightening, tiring, and necessary. There are many travel tips, checklists, and articles about how to do business travel. I wish someone had coached me earlier about business travel rhythms because they can make or break you. I’ve made many poor choices in years of business travel – please learn from my mistakes!

You should have three objectives for your business travel:

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#065: How and Why to Get More Sleep



As you know, I tend to talk a lot about action because it is how I am geared and it’s what actually gets things done. But what I haven’t given enough attention to is downtime through sleep. I haven’t always been the best at getting more sleep, but this is a serious change I am beginning to make in my life. After adopting a nonsensical mentality of “I’ll work now and sleep when I die” for many years to keep up with everything, this change comes from many people close to me calling it out in my own life. I just can’t keep the pace up. This kind of lifestyle has become a real epidemic in 2015 for all of us.

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