How to Immediately Turn Your Day Around – Kirby Ingles


When was the last time you found yourself halfway through the day with nothing accomplished and needing to turn your day around?

The Truth About How Your Day Starts

We have all been there. Morning gridlocks, one of the kids fell sick, a water leak in the basement, and there is a long list of other things that distract us depending on the day. Your morning has been consumed by forces you cannot control. The day does not have to be in a state of total loss. All you must do is reassess, make a plan, and use one or two productivity hacks to turn your day around.
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How to Remember Things PART 3: Words and Facts – Erik Tyler


Everyone would like to have a stellar memory. In PART 1 of this series, I offered strategies on how to improve memory, focusing for that post on how to remember spelling of similar or unusual words. In PART 2 last week, we dove into how to improve memory for names and faces, building on the same foundational strategies from PART 1.  If you haven’t yet read those posts, I believe that doing so now may be the best 10 or 15 minutes you invest today, since they will offer a framework for today’s tips.

In this post, I want to visually show you how to improve memory for words and facts. But before we do, I want to remind us all why memory is important to communication. Thursdays here are, after all, “Communication” days.

In my very first official post here, we explored exactly what communication is – a form of mind reading. Written and spoken words exist to allow us a means of transferring images and sensory information between minds. That is, I experience or think something that is clear to me; and language allows me to convey my experience to you.

An effective communicator must continually be adding tools in order to make sure that our message is sculpted like the David, and not merely passed off like a hunk of clay.  In addition, those same tools allow us to be able to receive the mental masterpieces being put on display by other fine-tuned minds, through being able to fully envision what we see and hear.  The tools we must continually be adding are new vocabulary, phrases, figurative expressions and world knowledge of facts among many others.  The thing is, not everyone remembers things easily, so adding to your arsenal is slow going, a chore at best. [Read more…]