5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Build Your Personal Brand – Reade Milner

Since it invaded the social media scene in 2011, Pinterest has built a reputation for being THE social site for women organizing their imaginary pantries, planning their imaginary parties, and creating their imaginary baby rooms. While it’s a fact that the majority of pins relate to crafts, fashion, interior design, and cooking, and that social media users lean heavily toward the female population, Pinterest is much more than just a site to discover multiple ways to wear a shift dress. Case in point: Pinterest can actually be an indispensable tool for building a personal brand.

Here are five Pinterest personal branding techniques an entrepreneur can do to maximize the benefits of this highly visual social site.

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The Two Words that Helped Me Grow as a Speaker – Jed Jurchenko

When I attended seminary years ago, I heard it said, “A good pastor is ready to preach, pray, or die on a moment’s notice.” What’s funny, is that when put on the spot, the third option sometimes feels the most favorable. Public speaking can be nerve-racking, and it is even more anxiety provoking when there isn’t sufficient time to prepare.

However, this year I have discovered a simple trick that helped me grow as a speaker. This simple advice is summed up in two words. I am grateful to Adam Smith, who gave this recommendation at the beginning of the year. His suggestion was, “Be quotable.” Being quotable involves taking one’s message and fashioning it into short, memorable statements. Although this is a lot of work, it’s well worth the effort.

Here is how being quotable helps:

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Meeting Interruptus – Glenn Brooke


Recognize these meeting behaviors?

  • Half-listening at best on a teleconference, while you are working away on email and checking something else. “What? Oh, I was on mute. Um, what was the question again?”
  • Every thumb in the room is moving.
  • You travel to a location to participate in meetings, only to find that people aren’t fully engaged with you – they’re spending 3/4 of their time pecking away on their laptops.
  • Many side conversations – either in person or via instant messaging.

We’re too accommodating of our addictions to work on our electronic devices in meetings. I know the email onslaught is dreadful, but seriously, we’re far too accepting of this “check the smartphone” behavior. It may be common, but it is rude.

The curse of our technological age is that it amplifies our preference to be everywhere else but where we are.

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