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#037: Stop Trying To Be A Perfectionist

In this episode, Adam explains why you should stop trying to be a perfectionist.

The Biggest Threat to Your Relationship and How to Avoid It – Jackie Bledsoe

There are many challenges to your relationship, but this may be the biggest, especially you aren’t aware it’s there. Learn what it is and how to avoid it.

Child-Like Creativity – Nate Turner

There is something powerful in watching children create. There is something powerful in harnessing that child-like creativity. Here are two examples.

Less is More – Daniel Kosmala

We all over-commit at some point in our lives. Our tendency is to say yes to people, but what we really need is to say no more often. Less is more.

How to Leverage Big Data for Big Time Social Media Success – Reade Milner

Here I will be highlighting a few resources you can use to harness big data to improve your own social media efforts.

Leadership is Not Perspective Art – Glenn Brooke

Within leadership, smart leaders are cautious about anything, which includes deliberate attempts to fool a customer, colleague, or partner.

#036: Why Is It So Difficult To Be Honest With Ourselves?

In this episode, Adam answers the important question, “Why is it so difficult to be honest with ourselves?”.