3 Ways To Connect With Influencers – Christina Faith


Have you ever wanted to interview an influencer? I know I have. I recently launched a new podcast that inspires people to start and finish their dreams. When I decided to start the podcast I wanted it to focus on other people’s dreams. How did they start? What was hard? How did they finish? What advice could they give to the next generation of entrepreneurs? This podcast forced me to reach out and touch influencers. I have been inspired by so many people through their content. However, I had never spoken to 95% of them personally. How would I connect with these influencers? My paradigm had to shift concerning influencers.

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep To Be Creative? – Ryan Bonaparte


There’s a fine balance that we all try to maintain between reaching our goals and maintaining our health. In particular, I constantly battle with the desire to keep doing more versus letting myself go to bed and sleep.

While the role of sleep in people is not fully understood (surprisingly), there are aspects about sleep that researchers have studied extensively. One of those areas is the impact of sleep on cognitive function. As you may already know anecdotally, less sleep generally leads to poorer function. Whether that is on performance on tests, physical activity levels, ability to communicate, or even willpower, pretty much everything starts to degrade when we’re working on reduced sleep.

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What You Must Hear About Work-Life Balance – Kirby Ingles


Do you love your work to such a degree that you enter into a mindset of hyper-focus?

Do you love your customers so much that you place their needs above yours?

When was the last time you took a mini-vacation or truly took a rest day?

The key to work-life balance is to make certain you set healthy boundaries.

First, let us discuss…

What Nobody is Telling You

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