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Three Strategies for Influencing Positive Change – Jed Jurchenko

Discover the three techniques for influencing positive change that won’t leave you feeling like a dancing chicken, clamoring for the attention of others.

Leaders Make Others into Heroes

When leaders make others into heroes, it is one of the most powerful things that they can do.

#041: Positive Thinking Is Good, But Action Is Better

In this episode, Adam discusses why action is better than anything else you could ever do.

How Do You Handle It When Your Spouse Changes? [VIDEO] – Jackie Bledsoe

Marriage comes with good and bad times. The couple in this video shows us how to appreciate the best in our marriages, even when our spouse changes.

The Art of Celebration – Nate Turner

What keeps us from creating great celebration moments? Today, let’s look at three lessons from weddings to help us create better celebrations.

3 Goal Setting Tools You Will Love! – Kirby Ingles

Do you need support or numbers to motivate you? These three goal setting tools are entertaining, simple to use, convenient and will hold your focus.

It’s Time to Get Results From Social Media. No Excuses. – Reade Milner

So, you know what it is, and you know that social media works. So why aren’t you putting everything you have into making it work for you? No excuses.

Communication Strategies from Spiderman – Jed Jurchenko

Spiderman is affectionately referred to as “web head” by his friends, but he is quite smart, and there are brilliant communication strategies he teaches us.

The Secret to Breakthroughs – Glenn Brooke

The secret to breakthroughs is that you need to enlist some pacesetters.

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