What Leaders Wish They Could Say (But Shouldn’t) – Glenn Brooke


Leadership requires dealing with people, and people are complex, messy, and sometimes difficult. Everyone has an inner voice; most of us have whole committees of voices. I have committees and sub-committees screaming for attention.

Let’s be candid: you and I sometimes think of things we’d love to say but know we shouldn’t. It will feel great for about 24 seconds and then we’ll regret it for a long time. Mature leaders recognize they have some immature thoughts and voices in their head.

You’ll be encouraged to know other leaders struggle with this problem. Here are some things I wish I could have said just in the past year:

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#066: 5 Tips to Simplify Your Life


We all get the same twenty-four hours per day that everyone else does. So how is it that some people seem to get more done than everyone else? It has to do with the mental space that individuals take up with the unnecessary. If you are constantly thinking about everything else besides what you need to get done, well then you won’t do what is important. For those who have figured this out, they have more brain power to think about what needs to be done and more energy to take care of the tasks at hand.

If this sounds like the person you want to become, I have five tips for you to simplify your life in order to get more done:

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People Over Profit: The Courage To Be Vulnerable – Dewitt Robinson


Dale Partridge’s People Over Profit is a wake up call to everyone to view our efforts with a microscope. Are we leaning in to our purpose for personal gain or the betterment of the world? The former may lead to a great deal of ego stroking, while the latter may not be as glamorous. Before we go too far into his text, it is essential to develop a healthy context for pursuit of walking in our purpose. Over the next few weeks, I hope to share practical nuggets that we all can apply to our efforts and which will bring a greater level of victory. Before we start, I have a question for the community: What is your relationship to your purpose?

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