Meeting Interruptus – Glenn Brooke


Recognize these meeting behaviors?

  • Half-listening at best on a teleconference, while you are working away on email and checking something else. “What? Oh, I was on mute. Um, what was the question again?”
  • Every thumb in the room is moving.
  • You travel to a location to participate in meetings, only to find that people aren’t fully engaged with you – they’re spending 3/4 of their time pecking away on their laptops.
  • Many side conversations – either in person or via instant messaging.

We’re too accommodating of our addictions to work on our electronic devices in meetings. I know the email onslaught is dreadful, but seriously, we’re far too accepting of this “check the smartphone” behavior. It may be common, but it is rude.

The curse of our technological age is that it amplifies our preference to be everywhere else but where we are.

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Do Over: Twitter Ten Questions Interview With Jon Acuff – @jonacuff


This is a transcript from the twitter interview series #tenquestions with Jon Acuff from May 12, 2015. You can purchase Jon’s book Do Over on amazon by clicking here.

Adam: Hi, & welcome to . Please take a minute to introduce yourself for those who may not have read your work before.

  • Jon: Hello everyone, Jon Acuff here! I write books for a living and have been friends with Adam for years!

Adam: 1. First question – Who are your heroes?

  • Jon: Other than Jesus? As a Christian you are required by law to say that. My dad. Seth Godin. My FIL. Pressfield. I’d say Becca Stevens too, the founder of Thistle Farms. Al Andrews as well.

Adam: Godin is amazing. The endorsement from him was great on .

  • Jon: That was very kind of him!

Adam: 2. Which one of your heroes would you want to collaborate with in the future & why?

  • Jon: Al Andrews. He’s brilliant and is one of my favorite people on the planet. Plus he’s hilarious.

Adam: 3. What advice would you give to other writers who are just starting out?

  • Jon: I think you should: 1. Write a lot. 2. Read a lot. 3. Worry about writing not publishing. Also, hire a good editor. An editor is critical! Also, read Anne Lamott’s book, “Bird by Bird”.

Adam: 4. What is success to you?

  • Jon: Something I’m more afraid of achieving than I wish I was. From a more practical standpoint success is writing books I believe in.

Adam: 5. That’s a great definition. Do you ever get to the point of writing a book and have to go back and edit out what you don’t believe in? 

  • Jon: Of course. I had to cut 30,000 words in Do Over that I didn’t believe in. That’s the hard part of writing.

Adam: 6. What is one topic that you feel needs to be discussed that isn’t being talked about?

  • Jon: That we’re all learning that art doesn’t have value. We don’t want to pay for music anymore and that’s scary. That attitude will eventually threaten all forms of art.

Adam: 7. With so many people starting podcasts, etc., why do you choose to solely focus on writing & speaking?

  • Jon: There are limits to what I can actually be good at. I feel called to be a writer. I have to rescue time as it is to actually write. If I do a podcast that would cost me very valuable time. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean I’m supposed to do it. 

Adam: 8. Let’s talk about Do Over now. What is it about?

  • Jon: It’s about the four things every great career and adventure requires us to invest in. The four things are simple: Relationships + Skills + Character x Hustle. That = a Career Savings Account. You need all four or it all falls apart. If you have relationships, skills & character but no hustle you become NFL draft busts who got by in college on natural talent. But when they make it to the NFL and everyone has that same talent, if they don’t hustle, it falls apart.

Adam: Such an important book for everyone to read. I found it wasn’t only a career book, but a live life well book. 

  • Jon: Thanks! That was the goal! I think those four investments are life investments not just career investments.

Adam: 9. What are you working on now?

  • Jon: Making more time for things that matter and giving less time to things that don’t. That’s not a specific project but more my approach to how I’m trying to organize my days.

Adam: What falls into this category? 

  • Jon: Time with my family. Writing. Sleep. Exercise. Reading. Studying. Time with friends.

Adam: 10. Are there specific ways that you are trying to accomplish this?

  • Jon: Yes. I am trying to take a look at my schedule 8 weeks in advance and plan the things that matter first. The book “Ordering your Private world” by Gordon MacDonald has been a great help!

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Richard Branson and Elon Musk: Two Roads Diverged On The Way to Mars – Beth Kelly


This is a guest post from Beth Kelly, who is a freelance writer and blogger. Born and raised in Michigan, she moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University where she graduated in 2011. She lived in Krakow, Poland briefly before moving to South Korea to teach English. She writes most frequently on health and technology topics. You can follow her on Twitter @bkelly_88.


Richard Branson and Elon Musk, two of today’s most successful CEOs, betray the notion that there is only one path to success. Both men excel at challenging standard business models, bringing cutting-edge products to their consumers while pushing the boundaries of science and innovation.

Richard Branson – founder of over 500 companies and CEO of the massive Virgin Group – enjoys a good tussle with the “establishment” and never backs down from a fight, as his numerous entrepreneurial successes attest to. His do-or-die approach has allowed him to charge ahead and both improve upon and innovate current industry practices. Meanwhile, Elon Musk – CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors – has worked to reinvent the ways we power our automobiles and our homes, all while trying to colonize Mars. Both have their head in the clouds in the best way possible.

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