Focus On Your Internal Conversation – Kirby Ingles


The clear advantage between someone who is achieving the things they want in life and someone who is not is the momentum they create. Focus is a matter of creating momentum just as much as it is about concentration. The snowball effect can make the difference here. If you missed that post click here.

The way you carry yourself everyday in your life affects your mindset – how you walk, talk, and think. Take some time and focus on what you crave in your life. Your internal conversation about these cravings affects how you carry yourself and feel. Changing how we address ourselves and others can give us power and determination to create a better quality of life. The right thoughts will lift you up.

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How to Get Really Good at Social Media – Reade Milner


Social media is one of those professions that sounds really attractive.

On its face, it seems like an easy gig. I mean, what teenager or early twenty-something doesn’t know everything there is to know about social media?

Full disclosure – it is easy. It’s really easy to be a mediocre social media marketer. It’s easy to get a few likes and to share some messages with your friends and then feel good about the work you did.

Unfortunately, it is really hard to do social media correctly. So hard, in fact, that I would say that 80% of so-called experts are in fact really, really bad at it.

But, there are four steps you can take to skip the headaches and become really good at social media, and here they are…

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How to Kill A Relationship With 96% Accuracy – Jed Jurchenko


What causes some relationships to flourish, and others to fade away? Why does one couple live happily ever after, while another sinks like the Titanic? One thing is certain – building lasting relationships is not easy. It’s also not getting easier. Happily, many therapists believe that lifelong friendships are not beyond reach. And surprisingly, their advice is similar to what my third-grade teacher used to say.

“Johnny, stop pointing at other students. Every time you point a finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing back at you. So, why don’t you pay attention to what you’re doing instead of focusing on others?” Fast-forward to today. My goatee is transforming from black to grey. Next year my oldest daughter will enter third grade. Yet, my grade-school teacher’s advice remains sound. Children benefit from paying attention to their own actions. As it turns out, adults profit from this as well.

In his masterpiece, The Seven Principles for Making Marriages Work, relationship expert John Gottman lists four relationship-killing actions. He refers to them as, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. These lethal equestrians are so destructive that their presence creates an 82% chance of marriage ending in divorce. Gottman’s horsemen include:

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