Dating, Courting, Marriage – Christina Faith

So, what is dating? I like to describe dating as “testing the waters, without a defined “yes” of getting married in the near future (not 5-10 years from now)”. Dating allows you to sample the product to see if you want it. The outcomes of dating can be to say I like you, I love you, or I like you, I am not ready now, or maybe it can turn into marriage.

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5 Signs That You’re Holding Back Your Creativity – Ryan Bonaparte

Photo Credit: steeljam via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: steeljam via Compfight cc

“I’m not a creative type.”

We’ve all heard people say that. In fact we might have been the ones to say it ourselves. Admitting that creativity isn’t in your blood can feel like you’ve just resigned yourself to a mundane and boring life.

There are some truly creative people out there. They can see new ways of doing anything, or perhaps it’s that they can make their words, images, and/or ideas jump off the page.

You don’t have to be someone like that to be creative, and inject it into certain facets of your life.

Here are 5 signs that you might be suppressing your creativity, and you may not even realize it.

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Smart Fabrics are Essential for Busy People – Kirby Ingles

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Photo Credit: Cory M. Grenier via Compfight cc

If you think it depends on the fashion advisers and marketers, you are mistaken…

There is a way for you to be more productive with smart fabrics, and I am going to tell you what it is and why.

But first, let us discuss some signature brands.

How to Create a Uniform Style That Stands Out

Ever wonder why some of the most popular influencers seem to wear the same old thing everyday? These four influencers and many others have created a signature brand and an authentic look with their daily uniform.

  • Steve Jobs and the black turtleneck
  • Hillary Clinton and the classic pantsuits
  • Mark Zuckerberg and the hooded sweater
  • Barrack Obama bringing back the dark suit, white shirt and blue tie

They are more productive by eliminating the choices, indecision, anxiety and criticism. These influences have created an expectation by eliminating the distractions and instead place the focus on their actions. Eliminating the Paradox of Choice has its advantages by reducing trivial decisions, which brings on decisiveness, gaining time and saving money.

To find yourself, think for yourself. – Socrates

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