Richard Branson and Elon Musk: Two Roads Diverged On The Way to Mars – Beth Kelly


This is a guest post from Beth Kelly, who is a freelance writer and blogger. Born and raised in Michigan, she moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University where she graduated in 2011. She lived in Krakow, Poland briefly before moving to South Korea to teach English. She writes most frequently on health and technology topics. You can follow her on Twitter @bkelly_88.


Richard Branson and Elon Musk, two of today’s most successful CEOs, betray the notion that there is only one path to success. Both men excel at challenging standard business models, bringing cutting-edge products to their consumers while pushing the boundaries of science and innovation.

Richard Branson – founder of over 500 companies and CEO of the massive Virgin Group – enjoys a good tussle with the “establishment” and never backs down from a fight, as his numerous entrepreneurial successes attest to. His do-or-die approach has allowed him to charge ahead and both improve upon and innovate current industry practices. Meanwhile, Elon Musk – CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors – has worked to reinvent the ways we power our automobiles and our homes, all while trying to colonize Mars. Both have their head in the clouds in the best way possible.

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Social Identity – Christina Faith


We are in the midst of a major identity crisis. We live in a world where it is cool to share every moment, however we often share these moments without actually thinking about it. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to begin a process of an inward search regarding my childhood and how I am currently affected by past circumstances. It is a tough process that you wouldn’t want to share on social media, let alone think of. Social media has created our “currency” of self-worth. We now measure our worth in life compared to how much “social currency” we have or the amount of likes we got on our last photo. Throughout my journey online I am discovering the content that impacts people the most doesn’t get the most shares, but the most clicks.

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Striking A Balance Between Creativity and Action – Ryan Bonaparte


As the creativity writer, I obviously focus on the benefits of creativity, and how practicing creative habits can enhance your life. There is something incredibly important about finding your creative side in whatever you are doing and applying it completely. Looking at the aftermath can be inspiring as you realize that you have created something new or adopted something that already existed in a new way.

But creativity can take time. Creativity can take energy. And there are definitely moments when neither are available.

When time is running out, the deadline is approaching, and you have been cranking on a project for what seems like forever, creativity is probably the last thing on your mind.

And that’s okay.

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