#054: How Are You Doing On Those 2015 Goals?




I didn’t start off the year with a podcast on goals, but I should have. I believe in the power of goals, and hopefully you do, too. Goals are what gets you looking ahead, making a better impact, and assists you in implementing your best plan. Yes, I am a huge believer in goals, but of course, we need more than a plan to see real success. Without action in your plan, you are all talk.

You can have the best plan in the world, but it takes action and proper execution to obtain the results that you desire. 

This being said, it is the last day in March 2015, and maybe you haven’t began moving on your dreams for this year, yet. That means that one-fourth of this year is already over and you haven’t created the good momentum you need to see results. Your year so far might be the busiest time you have ever experienced in life and you are wondering where the last three months went. Or maybe you are on the other side of this, are already checking your goals off, and you are well on your way to making 2015 your best year ever. If that’s you, I absolutely love that you are seeing your desired results in your life right now!

But, if you are one of the people out there wondering where the last three months have gone and still don’t know quite where to begin to make this year great, I have three awesome tips for you. If you will let me, I want to help you take your foot off the brakes and show you how to begin accelerating immediately.

Here we go…

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Manage Your Relationships With Apps – Christina Faith


I realized some time ago that I had a problem with remembering dates and was overbooking my days. This was keeping me from strengthening all of my relationships, including the relationship with my husband. Early on my husband would comment, “You need a calendar to remember to spend time with me?” And, I did. I had a problem. I wasn’t remembering everything I should have.

But the thing is, as a techie I realized that I didn’t need to have a problem with scheduling, because I could use what I already had in order to manage them. I have been an iPhone user since 2007. I was an Apple employee from 2011-2015 (one day I am going to tell you about that story). This being said, I know a few things about the apps that are available to use.

So, here are all the best apps for managing my relationships and what I use will probably work for you as well.

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Reading Can Spark Your Creativity – Ryan Bonaparte


I’ve written a lot about looking outside your usual trappings for inspiration of creativity. This can be from changing your scenery to connecting with a new set of people.

One of the methods that I love to use is reading. It could be fiction or nonfiction. It could be novels, short stories, or even just magazine articles. There are tons of reasons to look to reading to spark creativity, but I’ll focus on three.

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