Vectors and Dutch Ovens – Glenn Brooke


In 1978, I entered a special land navigation challenge hosted by our Boy Scout council. The idea was to navigate 6 miles to a designated target location, through dense woods, using only a compass. We were given a map to study for 5 minutes and plot our course, and then could take our compass but not the map. We were also toting along our camping gear and equipment. The winner would get to enjoy a peach cobbler made in a Dutch Oven, a heavy iron baking dish with lid, and bragging rights.

I already had my orienteering merit badge, so I confidently plotted the vector I needed take. Since I had never been in this area I planned to walk a straight line vector according to my trusty compass. I slogged through muck and mire in a few spots to stay on course. One time I carefully eyeballed trees on the right vector on the far side of a deep ravine in order to go the long way around and get back on track.

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#059: What I Look For In A Mentor




I believe that some people are confused on what the word mentor means. They think it needs to be some elaborate meeting and that it will equal someone else dictating what they will do with their life. If that’s the meaning of mentor, then I don’t want any part of it. Here is the definition of mentor – “An experienced and trusted adviser. To advise or train.” Take it or leave it, that’s what it means. To seek out a mentor means that you want to be advised as what to do with your life.

If you are mentoring or being mentored, then you know how important it is. The reason for being mentored is to have people speak into your life who have been through what you are currently going through or what you will go through in the future. They can help you make less mistakes, because the truth of the matter is that you can either learn from mistakes or from mentors. It’s your choice.

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