#051: Leadership Books Are Missing Three Things


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Live Life With Purpose Episode #051: Leadership Books Are Missing A Few Things




I started reading leadership and self-help books at first, because of professors making it a requirement in college. I then took a career path that also recommended reading them, so I could grow along the way. It was great advice, but if I’m honest, at that point in life I was reading them out of duty, rather than reading them because I enjoyed them. It just seemed like everyone made the same points over and over again in these books, but worded them in different ways, hoping that readers wouldn’t notice.

As I began writing more often, I began enjoying books much more than previously. It was fun to see the ideas that others had, but still not much had changed in the past ten years on what authors were serving with their words. I began seeing how stale the topic of leadership really was, and also what it needed. I saw that leadership needed to return to the reason the word even exists.


Here are the three main points that I see most leadership books miss out on and why they are too important to miss:

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Is Your Social Media Social? – Christina Faith


Recently, I have been challenged by social media. When I look at my timeline, it’s full of advertising. (Hence why I unfollow when needed). Now, I don’t mind advertisement, but there is very little actual social engagement going on in most cases. We have made social media a place to launch our ventures more than a place to connect with people for the people. We connect with people because we want something from them. We want their like, we want their retweet, and we want them to know our names and brands. I have never been that type of person. I have met many people throughout my life, but I never use those meeting times to present my product or personal brand, many times to a fault. I believe in organic relationships. If I tweet you and you follow back that is awesome in my eyes, but that’s never the sole goal of reaching out.

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What Is Divergent Thinking and Why Every Creative Should Practice It – Ryan Bonaparte


Divergent thinking is the process of letting your brain wander to where it seems to jump from point to point without any particular path. By allowing yourself to do this, you find yourself able to develop new ideas and creative ways of addressing problems, much easier than sitting down and trying to force them out.

How does divergent thinking work?

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