Avoid Common Pitfalls With Successful Planning – Kirby Ingles

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There is procrastination and then there is preparing. We discussed both in a post several weeks ago and the differences. If you are just joining us or missed that post, you can review it here. The one topic we have not discussed is planning. Since 2004, planning has trended down. We are not preparing to avoid common pitfalls by undertaking strategic planning as we once had.

Jim Collins in Good to Great stated,

“Strategy per se did not separate the good-to-great companies…there is no evidence that the good-to-great companies spent more time on strategic planning…”

Maybe so, but let me make a case for planning, how it turned my life around and some tools you might find useful. In a month that is crawling with articles on goal setting, we do not see a case for strategic planning. It is probably why 25% of you have stopped your resolutions a few days ago and by mid-week another 10% will quit.

What is Planning?

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Crushing it on Instagram in 2015 – Reade Milner


With the race to social media supremacy being a never-ending battle, Instagram has officially overtaken Twitter in terms of monthly active users. With Twitter announcing that it had 271 million active users in July of 2014, Instagram jubilantly announced that as of December, it has officially over 300 million monthly active users, overtaking the social media giant.

Of course, Facebook remains right on top with 864 million users. And with Facebook now owning Instagram after a $1B deal in 2012, it seems that there’s just no stopping the image and video sharing site. In fact, Gary Vaynerchuck, co-founder of VaynerMedia and social media expert, thinks that Instagram is following Facebook’s footsteps quite closely. He believes that in a couple of years, everyone will be using it, just like how Facebook has grown today.

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Lessons From The Experts Part 2 – Jed Jurchenko

Last week I wrote about a brief interaction with social media specialist and copywriter extraordinaire Sandi Krakowski that left me feeling energized and inspired. Skilled communicators have a knack for helping those around them feel special, and this is often achieved quickly—during a single shining moment of positive interaction.

In 2014 there were two additional social-media authorities that left an especially positive impression on me. During these brief moments, I witnessed first-hand a number of character qualities that I long to integrate into my own exchanges.

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