#067: Quit Being Too Busy


We can all become overoptimistic of our capabilities at some point in our lifetimes and then find ourselves overwhelmed with all that we have going on if not careful. Past the need to focus on our priorities and knowing who we are, there will be times in our lives that we find that we have too many things going on. Being busy and overwhelmed never helps anyone. I believe that all of us can and should continuously tweak our schedules, so that we can find more bandwidth on a daily basis. Now, by no means do I have a perfect schedule. I am currently in the process of discovering how I can make my own schedule better and hiring more people to make it all work. But, I have discovered life-giving keys during this process of keeping a better schedule. The closer you get to finding what works for you, the more often you will be able to work in your passions and purpose.

So, here are four tips that have proven useful to bringing balance back to my own schedule, and I know they will help you as well:

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Ten Ways To Be A Person Of Purpose Over Profit – Dewitt Robinson


In my previous post, we examined the need to have a relationship to our purpose. I wrote about our responsibility to be willing to go beyond the comforts of convenience to effect change.

In a time when motives and intentions can appear to be minuscule and irrelevant, we need change agents who will be willing to sacrifice the option of greed in the name of gain, and choose ethics and morals, even if it may mean lesser gain and greater competition.

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Simple Framework for Creating a Vision – Kirby Ingles


Improving your concentration increases your productivity and reduces stress. Focusing on your concentration allows you to start focusing on goals and objectives. We all have a vision and that vision is unique to each one of us. Some have visions of building schools in Uganda and others want to prevent the spread of disease. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf told Barbara Walters in 1991, he wanted his epitaph to read that he was a good Soldier who served his country and loved his family. However unique, simple or courageous your vision, there are some basics you should master to create focus in that direction.

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