7 Ways to Measure Our Own Success – Christina Faith


There seems to be this idea in the world that if we copy formulas that other people have used, we will receive the same amount of success they have. I am here to tell you that it’s not true. Formulas aren’t what people follow. People follow value. If you are providing someone value they will embrace you. Value builds relationships. If you are not offering value, then they will skip over you and decide not to build relationship with you. Society allows for many get rich quick schemes and viral instant celebrities. However, those rare moments shouldn’t be our priorities.

We have to ask ourselves a few questions before we start projects and while we are in the midst of them.

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Not Every Creative Idea Needs To Be Revolutionary – Ryan Bonaparte


Henry Ford, The Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs, and the list goes on.

These are the names that come to mind when we think of the creative geniuses of our time. These are the people that have made dramatic changes to industries and shaped the world around them. Whether that’s through their inventions, businesses, or words, these are the people we think of being revolutionary creatives, and that’s the level of impact we aim for ourselves. We aim to make a difference in the world.

Except, we get down on ourselves when even our best efforts aren’t “revolutionary”. We think that our ideas aren’t creative enough, and aren’t going to make the kind of waves we expect of ourselves.

However, what we don’t think of is the fact that even the most “revolutionary” ideas are often built upon other “lesser” ideas. That those big changes are really just a small leap forward following months or even years of trial and error and iterations over the past.

For all of the revolutionaries we hear about, there are hundreds of people who shape the world through incremental changes. Leaders the world over are regularly taking their creative ideas and bringing them to fruition, regardless of whether or not they’re massive shifts.

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Getting Smart With Speed Reading – Kirby Ingles


Speed Reading is a way for you to comprehend more and use your time more efficiently.

Have you dropped behind, reading a slide presentation after the presenter clicked the next slide?

Have you failed to make reading a habit as a result of past experiences?

Maybe you have reached a speed reading plateau.

Do you wish to increase your knowledge and be a conversation starter?

Do you feel like learning what schools and institutions never taught you about reading?

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