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3 Key Benefits of a Journal – Kirby Ingles

A journal offers meaningful and practical lessons you can reflect on, offering a glimpse into your life.

Facebook is Trying to Do Away with “Clickbait” Articles… Thank Goodness! – Reade Milner

If you use Facebook, chances are you are more than familiar with “clickbait” articles and you either ignore them or go ahead and well… click.

The Art of Gratitude – Jed Jurchenko

Discover three simple strategies for finding the good, building momentum, and refining the art of gratitude this holiday season.

Are You Sure You Can Motivate People? – Glenn Brooke

In this post, Glenn answers if you can motivate people from the outside or not.

3 Reasons I’m Thankful to Share My Writing with You – Jackie Bledsoe

Gratitude is great! In my last post on I want to share the reasons I’m thankful to write for and engage with Adam Smith and his readers.

Meditation Could Blow Up Your Productivity – Kirby Ingles

Disclaimer: The word meditation in this post is utilized in broad terms, it...

6 Stats That Take Down the Biggest Myths in Social Media – Reade Milner

Who is using social media? Here are six myth-busting stats that will surprise you.

Moving to a Deeper Level of Communication – Jed Jurchenko

Discover a simple phrase that has the power to help people judge less, understand more, and enter into a deeper level of communication.

3 Ways Leaders Sharpen Concentration – Glenn Brooke

Here are three ways that leaders can sharpen concentration.

#043: The Real Issue With Time

In this episode, Adam discusses the real issue with our time.

The Advice I Gave Our Friends on Their Wedding Day – Jackie Bledsoe

Here is the advice I gave our friends on their wedding day.

Investment and Portfolio Advice For Leaders

Here is the best investment and portfolio advice for leaders.

Your Social Media Morning Routine – Reade Milner

Here are a few steps you can take to create your own social media morning routine or daily checklist.

Lessons from a Master Teacher and a Bottle of Visine – Jed Jurchenko

Discover three lessons from a master teacher and a bottle of Visine that you can begin using right now to increase engagement, participation and learning .

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