My Favorite Creative Times of The Day – Ryan Bonaparte


Creative thinking can hit you at any moment. You might be driving along the road and suddenly get the inspiration that would shape your business or other work.

I love the moments, but since creativity is so critical to what I do on a regular basis, I’ve had to understand how I work best and when I can expect to be at my peak creative performance. As with any part of performance, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, it can be extremely helpful to know when you’re at your peak, and when you may not be doing your best.

Here are some of my favorite creative times of the day:

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13 Habits to Increase Focus – Kirby Ingles


Do you spend your day with a clear plan or strategy?

What has the most emotional impact on you?

How are you spending your time? On the Urgent or the Important?

How Do You Contribute to the Problem?

You will normally do the things that distract you like checking email, answering phone calls, sending text messages and responding to notifications on your smart phone. Productivity requires you to focus on your day. Analyze the key components of your day, create a plan and focus on what you can control. We live in an age of distraction. Everyone wants your attention and you are connected to the rest of the world 24/7. I can even log onto the internet and get a live feed of the space station right now.

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Has Social Media Replaced the Resume? – Reade Milner


For years, professionals have taken the art of making the perfect resume seriously, creating impressive images of themselves every single time they hit the job market. Today however, it seems that more professionals are focusing more on making their online portfolios through their social media profiles even more impressive, instead of working on the traditional resume. Is this really the new professional norm? Has social media really taken the throne from the resume?

Why Social Media is Replacing the Resume

Social media’s power is undeniable, especially when you use it to enrich your career. Here are a few reasons why social media is fast replacing the traditional resume:

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