A Reason We Might Be Bad At Relationships – Christina Faith


We are bombarded by so many images, quick fixes, courses, social celebs, and distractions. Everyone wants to be better, have better, and do better. We all want to excel in our arenas. I don’t know about you, but I am concerned for our society. I am concerned that we strive for the American dream (bigger houses and nicer cars). We are amazed by people who have hundreds of thousands of followers (many of them purchased their accounts and others hustled really hard).

I am concerned because we may be missing the point. The point isn’t the abundance of things and social influence as many of us are pressured into the anxiety of. I live in Philadelphia and this city has so many abandoned properties that they have created a land bank to sell off land and vacant property for $1. While at lunch with a neighbor she stated, “Philadelphia has more abandoned properties than there are homeless in the city”. I was amazed by our lack of awareness of each other. We are so concerned with our own pursuit that we have forgotten about each other.

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Give Your Creativity Space To Breathe – Ryan Bonaparte


Creatives can put a lot of pressure on themselves to produce quality work. Whether it’s a hobby or a profession, if you’re working on something, letting it drag on can feel like a chore, and being satisfied with less than your best is not an option.

Instead of forcing something out though, give it room to breathe.

By breathing, I mean to let yourself work with what you have, and not judge or dismiss your ideas because they aren’t good enough. Yet.

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