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#030: The Power of Minimalism

In this episode, Adam discusses what instilling minimalism into your life can do for you.

The Equation for ONE Extraordinary Marriage – Jackie Bledsoe

What if there was an equation for an extraordinary marriage? Some friends of mine recently shared the equation that led to their ONE Extraordinary Marriage.

Risky Creativity – Nate Turner

By nature, creativity is risky. The fear of risk will hold creativity hostage. Here are two key principles that can help you overcome the fear of risk.

3 Reasons You Need a Reverse Mentor – Daniel Kosmala

Mentoring is normally known as an older person pouring into the life of a younger person. But there’s just as much value to be found in a reverse mentor.

What LeBron James Can Teach Us About Social Media – Reade Milner

Here are 3 tips to becoming the LeBron James of your social media strategy.

What Fruit Can Teach Us About Good Presentations – Julia Winston

The opening and closing of presentations are just as important as the content. Included in this post are five ways to have great opening and closings.

Daniel, Jesus, and Getting Everything Done – Glenn Brooke

I was looking through some of my personal journals recently and found an entry from October 1998 about getting everything done.