Looking to Increase Social Media Productivity? You Need a Content Calendar – Reade Milner

Promoting content is already a daunting task. Having everything strewn all over the place could make it even more so. Between strategy planning and creating content, there is just so much that goes on in a social media setting that it’s hard to keep everything organized and running smoothly. And even worse, all the effort you pour into the task may be put to waste as inefficiency crawls in with all the chaos.

But, what if you had a way to keep everything flowing smoothly with a seamless rhythm that puts everything in its proper place? Say hello to your social media content calendar.

What It Is and What It Does

A social media content calendar is something that your entire team can use to plan every single activity that involves your content. It gives a clear timeline on what topics to discuss, what days these topics should be posted, and when they will be distributed on your social media pages.

It could be something as detailed as this from Hootsuite:


Or it could also be something as straightforward as this, from CoSchedule:

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Good News: You’re Designed to Change! – Glenn Brooke

Leadership is unnecessary if you don’t plan to change anything. But, life is about change, so there is always a leadership question, and it always begins with self-leadership.



The stories you tell yourself are the stories you live. The personal journey of change always begins by traversing the 6 inches between your ears – perhaps the most stubborn terrain in the universe.

You hear people say “Change is hard.”  True, but there is good news:  You’re designed to change.

Your body is actively regenerating itself, even while you sleep. You replace 10,000 red blood cells every second. You get a new lung surface and stomach surface every few days. Your skin is replaced, except for the cartilage of scar tissue, every few years. The living cell part of your bones is replaced several times in your lifetime. You generate new neurons in the hippocampus for learning, and it’s likely that your memories from childhood have been passed around to different neurons multiple times.

Not changing means you’re dead.

There’s even more good news:

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