Listen Before You Speak

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Some are better than others at this quality. It seems like opening your ears and letting someone in would be so simple, but the thing that listening takes is time. It takes the effort of looking at someone in the eyes, shutting everything else off for a minute and giving them your undivided attention. It seems so simple, but I guess with everyone being in a rapid paced life, people just don’t have time to listen… or they don’t want to. Maybe that’s it.

So when someone gives advice, we usually don’t want to hear it, right? The first reaction is usually to defend ourselves. But, what if we didn’t discredit the advice of someone we trusted? What if our first reaction wasn’t to say our first thoughts to counter someone that was getting to close to the situation, but to really think about the sentence that came out of their mouth. To think for a second that what they are saying is coming out of love and wanting to help the situation.

So, what if?

What is the best advice someone has told you recently that stopped you in your tracks and made you think before you spoke? You can leave a comment below.

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  • Adam Smith

    Yes, that is a huge picture of my ear and yes that vein is an insecurity of mine. So, there you go.

  • Dan Black

    Being able to listen and also hear feedback is so important. It takes being intentional to stop talking and listen. Great post.