doing what is necessary

sometimes we feel like we can take on the world by ourselves.
sometimes we feel like we need help.
sometimes we know exactly what to do and execute them perfectly.
sometimes we don’t know what to do next and feel like giving up.

wherever you are, you have to keep going.
you end up doing whatever is necessary at that moment.
and that is when we grow.

where are you at in life right now?

the way you think

Maybe you’ve noticed that some people like to talk negatively. That’s just a sign that they think negatively, too.
Not only do people like to think negatively, but they tend to stay there.
That’s just annoying to be around.

When people think positively, they change the atmosphere around them. Ever noticed why you like to be around people who think positively?

Here’s why I think that positive thinkers have an advantage:

  • Positive thinkers help those around them to see that they can accomplish whatever they can dream up.
  • People who think negatively don’t try things because they have already canceled themselves out of even accomplishing goals.
  • Positive thinking is just better and it’s contagious.

Help me finish this list…

What else can positive thinking do for people?

When Dreams Change

I often get the question, “Do you think dreams can change?” Since that’s happened to me, I actually know they can.

The question is what actually changes?…

Is it life? The person? The dream? The circumstances? The influencers around you? Did you just get tired of chasing? Was it too hard to reach your dreams, so you just gave up? Did you get scared? Maybe the dream just wasn’t the right fit for you. Or, did you have the wrong dream in the first place?

Once you figure out that you don’t want to chase your current dream any longer and what the reason actually is, the next part is finding what your next dream should be. The sooner you find this, the better.

Here’s three questions to ask yourself when looking for your next “big dream”:

1. What do I get excited about?
What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you think about constantly throughout your day? How can you make your current happenings fit into your big dreams? It’s a great thing to be excited about what you are doing. Working in your “genius” makes you and everyone else better.

2. How big of an impact do I really want to have with this dream?
Some people are ok with having smaller dreams. I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re going to dream, then you might as well make it big. People don’t remember the small stuff, so if you really want to leave a legacy, you’re going to have to dream big.

3. What are the things that I want to get out of this dream?
What do you get if your dream becomes a reality? Think of the results you could have. Is the process worth the result at the end? Those are the questions you’ll have to ask yourself and only you can decide.

It might seem that I am talking about your dream job, but you can really apply these things to those “big dreams” that you have in life.

So, how would you answer those questions?