Everybody has a story. Everybody has a reputation. I am known as quiet and persistent. Quiet because I just don’t like talking. From an early age I was taught to not say anything unless it was good and valuable. Not a fan of small talk. And persistent because if I want something I make it happen. (If it’s Gods will. Had to throw that in there.) So, what two words describe you best?

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  • Brian Alexander

    I am quiet as well.

    1. Quiet
    2. Organized

    • jackalopekid

      I need a little more organization right now

  • Mike Ruel

    I go for the best of both worlds:

    1. Witty
    2. Intense

    • jackalopekid


  • Eric

    Quiet, but boisterous. A contradiction, yes?

    • jackalopekid

      Haha. Yeah it is

  • Haydee

    1. Outspoken
    2. Conservative

    • jackalopekid

      I wish I was outspoken sometimes

  • Eric

    I'm sometimes outspoken, and when I am I even scare myself.

  • jojoagot

    1. suffer in silence
    2. peacemaker
    i know it's a weird combination

    • jackalopekid

      now thats some good ones. but yes, a weird combo

  • Marianne


  • Sarah S.

    You know me pretty well. (Seeing as I am your sister and all. lol) …You give me two words that describe me…be sweet! :-)

    • Sarah S.

      I'm going to reply to myself. Ha!

      1) Complex
      2) Torn between organized and passionate…total opposites…see, I am complex…

      LOL. Love you bro.

  • T. Rousey

    1.) Passionate
    2.) Diverse