I Want to Know You

Creative Commons Photo Credit by PoliCardo

Hello. I know that some of you only read and never comment. That’s alright to do sometimes, but at some point you’ll have to come out from hiding.

Well, today I want to know who you are.

So tell me, who are you and what do you do? You can leave a comment below.

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  1. says

    My name is Bryan. I have commented here before, it’s just been a while. I am a stay at home Dad. When I’m not maintaining all of our household duties(cleaning, laundry, and cooking) I am a DIY ninja! I’m getting ready to embark in phase three and four of our 150 year old home renovations, 1st floor powder room and master bathroom. 

  2. says

    I’m guilty. Read with commenting. Good blogs by the way. I do follow you on Twitter and tend to read your blogs every now and then. Seems most people read without commenting, even on my blogs!

  3. Danielle says

    Danielle – I meet people. I’m in collegiate ministry and my job is to meet people. It’s wonderful, most days, cause the excitement of meeting new people makes my day!

  4. says

    I’m Jason. I comment somewhat regularly. I head up a ministry geared to reaching youth, young adults and university students called Ignite. I also run my own Branding & Design business. When I’m not busy with that, I read, write, hike and bike.

  5. says

    I’m a regular reader and comment every so often. I also have a link to your blog on my personal blog. Right now I am unemployed, but looking for a job in the Atlanta area in blogging, social media, or writing content for websites. I am a single men’s small group leader at my church and also work with the singles ministry.

  6. says

    Hi, I’m Loren. I’m actually new here. I have a wife and two young kids, work in P.R. and a little multimedia, and I blog about Time Management from a Christian perspective.

  7. Adair_design says

    Hi! I’m Megan Battistella :) I’ve read, pretty much your last 3-4 blog posts. They are good…honest, simple message. Kind of refreshing, actually.  I do graphic work…porn…lol, no I’m kidding, haha…graphic design/branding. Thanks!

  8. Anonymous says

    Howdy! Thanks for the invite step out into the light! I’m Aaron & I’m usually a lurker following you on Twitter, sometimes reading your blog. I work at the Happiest Place on Earth as the front end admin of a few of their security systems.

  9. Amber Banks says

    Hey! I’m Amber. I live in Canada in Ottawa, Ontario. I am a university student in econ and math. I try to blog but can’t seem to be consistent. I am consistent, however, in reading the blogs of others!

  10. Anonymous says

    Hey, Adam.  Just curious, where can we hear your beats?  Saw your highpoint pics- very cool you’re able to see all those places.  I’m Stephen, from Mechanicsville, VA, and I’m a Worship Leader.

  11. says

    I feel like I’m in an AA chapter. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) I’m Bryan. I’m a husband to a wife way out of my league, dad to 3 little girls who are adorable and INSANE at the same time. Not really insane. But it’s a crazy life! :) I am a life development blogger at http://elevationlife.com and I am a worship leader at North Point Church in Springfield, MO. 

  12. Anonymous says

    How’s it going? I’m Mark aka “Johnny Optimist” just a normal everyday fellow. Pretty much your average guy, except I don’t really watch sports.

    I like to watch, read inspiring things. If I see one that is easy enoough to repost & I have time, I will put it up on my blog.

    I’ve tried a lot of things from writing children’s books to running a marathon. I’ve been enjoying learning & doing new things lately.

    Single dad of 1 daughter, which is a lot of fun. She is awesome and it is amazing to see how she learns and remembers everything.

  13. says

    Oh, fine…I’ve seen this pop across twitter enough that I’ll respond :) I believe you favorited or retweeted something of mine, or something like that.

    I’m @sarahhcraddock on twitter. My day job is as an academic advisor at Colorado State, my night job is as a PhD student at the University of Northern Colorado (in Higher Education).  I’m pretty boring overall…

  14. Jeanna Baker says

    well adam, guess i’ll post too since you’ve been cramming this down our throats.. okay not really because of that but because i like to talk… a lot… i mean a WHOLE lot… it’s a gift really…

    anyway, i have posted on here some, but we had to move over the summer and i had this awesome idea that we should get away from the day to day life of living on an army base and move to the country for a spell…. silly me forgot the TOTAL lack of reasonable technology that exists out in the country, even if that “country” is less than three miles from said technology… so while the peace, occasionally interrupted by fighter jets, helicopters, oh yeah and the hunters too, is amazing, and while i have seen more exquisite sunrises than i could have ever dreamed possible just outside my backdoor and night skies splattered with more stars than anyone could count in a thousand lifetimes, i am still left with my 1990s dial-up…. which means i no longer get the blogs i used to read every day. 

    as for who i am, well i have been called many things, but i suppose the most important things are those that are shaping and have shaped me, my worldview, and my personality… so, first and foremost, i am a child of God… this fact has and continues to shape me, change me though not always with the speed and most assuredly not in the ways i expect… following that i am an army wife, mother of two, as mr. o’reilly would say, “bold fresh” boys, and a daughter who is every bit the princess her name, Sadie, declares her to be… i am also a college student (who is typing this instead of that 8 page paper due later in the week), a veteran, a prolific reader, and a deeply passionate lover of music who, ironically enough, has almost no musical ability.

    probably told you WAY more than you really cared to know, huh… but i did warn you that i like to talk a lot…. and isn’t typing just another way of, well, talking??  😀

  15. says

    I’m Ethan. I’m 27, and I’m slowly but surely getting my feet under me after giving up on life and everything following years spent living as a conman and charlatan. The Living God, however, didn’t give up on me and pursued me and is fashioning me for, I believe, the glory of his name. I’m from Northern New York, work at a general store, and live on and help work the family farm as a proud member of the sixth generation to do so. Also, I’m gay. Oh yeah, and I love “talking life” with people. I once spent five hours on a plane talking non-stop with the woman next to me, and loved it. Also, I like cream soda, and the TV show “The Big Valley” makes my heart smile.

  16. says

    I started blogging a few months ago.  I felt a call to ministry about 2 1/2 years ago and just realized, with the help of my wife, that writing is where I’m supposed to go with the whole ministry thing.  Writing has been a pivotal part of my life since junior high.  I never did anything with it though.  It was for me, my coffee, and late nights at Denny’s.  I commented on one of your other posts and it was actually sort of a confirmation that I’m going in the right direction.  It’s easy to get intimidated by people who have been doing this for so long and whose websites look so much better.  But it’s not my job to worry about results.  It’s my  job to go.  

  17. says

    I’m Moe, from the crazy and awesome city of New York. I blog at Beta Christian and I love technology, coffee, and beautiful software. I’m a father to two, a husband to one woman (concubines are so overrated), and I love the Yankees. Come to NY and I’ll give you a tour of the big city. First stop: Eat a dirty water hot dog. Yup, that’s how we roll! 

  18. Jeffery Stockdale says

    My name is Jeffery and I am a novice blogger, veteran college pastor, husband, father, grand father.  I am in love with life and truly want to make an impact on the world in which I live.  I truly enjoy your site, enjoy your style and have already recommended you to others.  Look forward to seeing more in the future.  Blessings <

  19. Joel M. says

    i’m a peace corps applicant who stocks shelves, volunteer-teaches an ESL class to burmese refugees, does plays, and tries to go to the gym a lot.