I Don’t Know

Creative Commons Photo Credit by photojonny

You don’t know everything. I promise.

Once you realize this, you can begin seeking what answers you need.

It makes you vulnerable and that in itself makes your team trust you more.

A leader that shares what they know and is humble in the areas of where they need to grow, shows others that it’s ok to know where your strengths are and those areas where some work needs to be put in. In the process you will pick up skills that make you better along the way.

Once you know that you don’t have the answer, you can begin to find it.

You can begin looking on where to find the answer and you can also direct others on how to problem solve. This will help you and your team over and over again.

What is something that you have had to say “I don’t know” to? You can leave a comment below.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Being teachable is so essential for a leader. I don’t know everything and this is why I need to have smart people around me. Great post.