halfway websites

Don’t do something halfway.

Most people seem to get that. But, when looking at the online world, some folks obviously disregard that great advice. Even though there are different organizations that fall in the “bad website” category, I want look at what the church looks like online.

Before I get started I just want to say I’m not wanting to pick on anyone here. Look at this as more of a favor… 😉

Ok. I will say that some churches get it. There are definitely some great church websites out there. But, there are also some terrible looking ones. I really can’t say it any other way. I mean, you can obviously see what I’m talking about here. Click on that link and view those sites. It ain’t pretty.

I have some notions on why this happens.

Churches first decide that they want a hip website to stay relevant so they can let all those hipsters know what’s up. After this decision is made, they lack one or some of these necessary components…

Someone who actually knows how to put together a site.

Maybe you can add something else to the list

Your website shows who you are a lot more than you think. If your website looks like junk, then people automatically assume that your church looks like… well, junk. Last week we talked about how a church building can sometimes change a person’s perspective on the church, even before setting foot in the church building itself. And I don’t think that a website is any different.

If you think that you, your church or your business may need to go in a different online direction, I would challenge you to take a close look at your site. It is sometimes hard to look at things through a reader’s eyes when we become so accustomed to the way things look. You may even find that you need to change the theme, take some unnecessary items off of your site, find a professional that may know more about building sites or maybe even take the site down while you and your team reevaluate where you stand. It can only help, right?

Where do you think a website fits in on the representation of a church/company/organization? How much does it matter?
Also, what are some church websites that are doing it right? Why do you like those websites so much?

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  1. hjk says

    Are you serious?? This is like dismissing a person based solely on how they dress or whether they have an accent… A bad website does not mean it is a bad church. 10 years ago did we judge churches by what their yellow pages entry looked like?

  2. meg says

    when I moved to a new state, over 8yrs ago, the first test in church hunting was their website. if they didn’t have a current website, then they weren’t what I was looking for!

  3. JohnChristianDoe says

    Having been a web developer for almost 12 years I feel like an expert on the matter, I think people are crazy to think that is does not matter is you have a website that is poorly done. It is just like any other means of advertisement for your Church or Business. Maybe 5-10 years ago it did not matter, but it does now. Yes, it does not prove anything about the church, but it will be the first impression to many people looking for a new church….