God’s Presence is Enough to Build a Church On

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There are so many reasons that people go to their church. It could be the relationships, the preaching/teaching, the music and the list goes on and on. That’s awesome. I choose churches based on those reasons, too. Especially the community part, because why else would I wake up early on Sunday morning? But, rarely do I hear someone say they chose their church because God’s presence is at that church.

I know what you’re probably thinking… God’s presence is everywhere. We just have to be open to it. Well, I guess the question is then, how open to it are congregations across America? If people in church are honest, the one hour service on Sunday is enough and that may be the only time during the week that people spend with God. Of course, that’s not really a relationship. If I only spoke to my wife on Sundays, that would not be a good relationship.

So, why is God’s presence important?

Because it is the only thing that can really change you.

People try to replace that with every other thing there is, but it will never be an equal substitute.

The whole church conversation keeps coming up with friends lately, so maybe it is with you and your friends. I’m just putting this out there to hear some feedback from you about you, your experience(s) with God and your church.

Why do you go to the church that you go to? You can leave a comment below.

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    I go to my church because of relationships and community. Honestly, I could totally skip the Sunday service time and just attend small group and be encouraged, challenged, encounter God’s presence and serve others just through that. 

    I have found that I encounter God’s presence more in a smaller group of people who are gathered together to seek Him, rather than a scripted out church service with time constraints.