Your Daily Routine

Creative Commons Photo Credit by stijnnieuwendijk

How does your day usually go?

Is it something like this?

Wake up.
Eat breakfast.
Get ready.
Go to work.
Work about an 8 hour day.
Come home.
Eat dinner.
Spend a few minutes with the family.
Go to bed.

What’s wrong with this?
Maybe nothing, but this might not be cutting it for you.

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Treat personal life like business

There is a few reasons I came up with this title…

First, it helps to organize things strategically. I put “treat life like a business” because when people organize and take time to meet and make plans for the upcoming week, month or year, we don’t usually think of personal life. Take time to meet. Schedule meetings with family and even with yourself. And keep them.

I know, that just sounds like too much time to put into personal life. It sounds like work, really. But, it makes life easier. It really does.

Next, people’s goals seem to be centered solely around their careers. I don’t think I’ve ever asked someone about their goals and something about their family came up first. To be honest, it’s an after thought every time. It’s time that family time becomes a primary goal.

Know where you’re at. Too many times people get too far into family problems that have never been dealt with and then realize it. Like a business, we should be looking at what is coming up and plan accordingly. It allows for there to be less hiccups along the way.

All of this really amounts to people handling situations two different ways. They are being one person at home and a totally different person at work. I don’t know about you, but that just sounds confusing, really.

So, what family tips do you have for the rest of us that has helped you deal with all the life stuff?