What Is Your Biggest Dream?


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Saying your dreams out loud can feel weird if you don’t voice them often. The key is to tell others your biggest dreams more often until it doesn’t feel funny. That is when you know that you have truly embraced your dream. You should also surround yourself with others that you can trust will be for you every step of the way on your journey. So, please know that this community will only encourage you throughout the process.


Just one simple question today…

What is your biggest dream?

You can leave your comment below.

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  1. Alistair Brown says

    My biggest dreamis to make a success of my SFI business and to make my adopted family more secure.

  2. Ronell Groenewald says

    My bigggggggggest dream is to write full time! I love fiction and children’s books… I get crafty when thinking “children”.. I have just registered and obtained my ISBN and I have a month left to complete my +- 300 page novel. The goal setting idea is brilliant. For years I have written. I have a lot of unfinished works. But it is true that which you say… you have to say your dream out loud! You have to tell others about it and the more you do it, the more it doesn’t ‘feel’ funny anymore. I have embraced my dream. This is the fastest time in which I have started and is about to complete a novel. I started June of this year and my target completion date is August of this year. I’m going the self publishing route! And I’m totally running on Universe juice… I have no money.. but I have a very strong belief system… and I know all my financial needs will be met to publish this book the way I want it to be published…

    Anchored! In God… and the rest will follow.. I love your site!

  3. Bunmshaka says

    My biggest dream is to be the first female governor of my state,(Oke-Ogun State in Nigeria)the state is not created yet, the state we are part of right now is so big that my town/area is very undeveloped, we get little or nothing, everything has been the same for over 2 decades , my aunty was part of the struggle for this state to be created in the 90’s. I believe strongly in my heart this dream of a new state will come alive .