Doing What God Tells You To Do

Creative Commons Photo Credit by highersights

Sometimes the voice of God can be so obvious.

And then sometimes, God has to jump in your way to get your attention.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about…

If you want an example of this, then read the story of Jonah.

Talk about getting Jonah’s attention…

Anyways, God seems to talk to us in the way that we will allow Him to.

A lot of it has to do with if we will even stop long enough to listen to what He’s saying. Listening becomes easier when we turn to God first instead of turning to Google. I know at least for me, that I sometimes try to solve things on my own intellect instead of going to God first. It doesn’t usually work out too well.

Have you ever experienced this? What’s a situation where God talked to you and how did He speak to you? You can leave a comment below.

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  • Dan Black

    I love reading and learning about Jonah, a good example of why it’s important to follow and trust in God’s directions. Good post.

    • Adam Smith


  • Saki Milton

    God usually speaks to me in songs or a sermon immediately after I’ve said a specific prayer. It’s a knowing in my spirit that lets me know it’s His voice and not my own.

    • Adam Smith

      agreed. you know when you know 

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