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People want a job that makes Monday feel like Friday. They want something that makes their life complete and fits into their “genius”. If you feel like you have this career please let everyone else here know, so we can all join your task force. In the spirit of getting to know each and every one of you better, I would just like to know…
What is your day job?

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  • Coenraad

    Well, up until 23 days ago, I used to be a Business Analyst in an IT company. I have since left my job to study Counselling and Theology and am now self employed as a session musician, even though I am still looking for my first commission.

    • @jackalopekid

      awesome man. happy with that decision?

      • Coenraad

        All the way man. best decision I have made in my life, as far as my career goes.

  • Chris Martin

    Youth/Worship Pastor

    • @jackalopekid


  • Dusty Rayburn

    I make money as a Health Plan Administrator / IT Manager. I'm doing my best (using a lot of God's grace) to live as a full time Christian.

    • @jackalopekid


  • Prudence

    I am a Contracts Administrator for a computer maintenance company. Basically I manage our customers inventory in our database. Not to sound prideful but if I don't do my job pretty much the company would be in a world of hurt.

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    • @jackalopekid

      thats awesome ur so important

      • Prudence

        hardly. :-D
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  • Kevin_Martineau

    I am a pastor.

  • patricia

    i work as an office manager and a homeschooler.

    • @jackalopekid

      very cool

  • @scottfinn

    I work as an IT project manager, and Monday through Friday feel like Mondays. Not sure I even know what my "genius" would be. Hope to find out someday.

    • @jackalopekid

      i hope u do man

  • Jason

    i'm a stay at home Dad :) wouldnt trade it for the world!

    • @jackalopekid

      very nice

  • Tattood1

    Work a the Apple Store as a "Creative" – that's fancy terms for – trainer.

    • @jackalopekid

      dude what kind of training does that take?

  • Jill Sherman


    • @jackalopekid


  • Beverly Brown

    I handle executive communications at a software company. We were recently ranked #1 on Fortune's Best Places to Work list!
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    • @jackalopekid

      wow very cool

  • @Unikornsong

    Factory worker… I assemble cabinets mostly, but occasionally am back up in the office in Purchasing.

    • @jackalopekid

      nice. how u like that?

    • @Unikornsong

      Assembling of cabinets… not so much… just do it for the paycheck. Personally I feel there's something better for me out there, but I need time, money, ambition etc. to get there… Been praying on it…

  • @richpnifong

    I'm a claims adjuster. I do small water or fire losses for homeowners. Every day feels like Monday at about 2 pm…

    • @jackalopekid


  • kerimitch

    I'm a mom

    • @jackalopekid

      great job

  • @jenochej

    Until December I was a Bible college student… Now I'm unemployed! :) I had an interview this afternoon at a sushi restaurant downtown. Right now I'm just interested in paying off some loans. Then… who knows? (When I'm dreaming, I see myself doing some kind of event planning/promotion. No idea how to get there, though.)

    • @jackalopekid

      gotcha. well i hope u find that awesome job

  • @sadlierka

    I've been unemployed since Sept. 2008 but since then I've been volunteering with two faith based organizations that reach out in the poverty area of Charleston/ North Charleston, helping in the office, run the tech booth and book the entertainment for the big outreach and pretty much anything that is needed. I love it!! Look it up online Without Walls Ministry…(shameless plug)

    • @jackalopekid

      very cool. r u looking 4 another job or satisfied with volunteer work?

      • @sadlierka

        I enjoy doing volunteer work. Presently I'm waiting to be approved for medicaid and because of the seizures that I have, its difficult to get a job that is understanding enough. I know I want to move on with my life, pay student loans, go back to school, learn how to drive, and so much more. But right now I'm just doing what God has me doing. Waiting patiently and learning more everyday.

        • @sadlierka

          Honestly I'd love to get paid to do it. But right now God takes care everything that I need.

  • @PaulaBoardman

    I was the music manager/floor manager at our local Christian Bookstore, but a week ago I started my new job – I'm personal assistant to the Director of the Salvation Army Counselling Service. We look after the eastern part of Australia (Qld, NSW & ACT).

    • @jackalopekid


  • @darylhb

    I just graduated with my Marketing Degree at the end of last year. God has been so good to me – a fantastic job practically fell into my lap and i'm now working as a Marketing Assistant for a bulk SMS gateway provider. That mostly involves digital marketing, like SEO and online media.
    I'm still learning so much every day and i have an amazing team of colleagues!
    Oh, and Mondays always seem to be the shortest day of the week – they just fly by!!
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    • @jackalopekid

      sweet bro!

  • Adam

    I work in Product Development and create new Medical benefit packages for companies. Ehh.. its a good job.. sometimes it gets a little mundane.. but most days its great.
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    • @jackalopekid

      thats cool bro

  • Marvin Schepers

    I have a factory job. We make a large variety of rubber parts. Mostly seals for the auto industry. In my spare time I am building a network marketing business with the help of my wife.