come back

Here are 9 things that I loved and I want to see them come back:

1. FUNDIP – Well, you can find this stuff in gas stations on back roads, but I want this stuff everywhere. When I do find it, I am happy folks.
2. Parachute pants – They are just more comfortable. Duh.
3. Rattails, moustaches and mullets – The y make me smile instantly. This would just make things better.
4. Manners – You remember those days. Where everyone said things like “Yes ma’am” and “Yes sir”. Ok, maybe you don’t.
5. Hymnals – I like scarf wearing worship leaders as much as the next guy, but sometimes I want to hear an organ while singing some hymns. I know I’m not the only one.
6. Light up shoes (for adults) – All the kids used to wear the shoes that light up, but what about the adults? Now these kids got the roller skate shoes. Just garbage.
7. Waterbeds – Everyone wants to feel like they’re sleeping on water.
8. Choir robes – They just sexy.
9. Dinnertime – Turn off the tv and make dinnertime, well family time as well.

I need your help finishing this list…

10. …

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  1. says

    Dirkies!!! (tubes of condensed milk – we used to get them in South Africa and they came in 4 different flavours: original, chocolate, strawberry and mint.)

  2. says

    10. Legwarmers. I was at an 80’s party yesterday and busted out the legwarmers. They were super comfy.

    My choir is just this year starting to sing without our robes. I guess my old German Lutheran congregation is getting all modern and stuff. We do still sing hymns with the organ, but very rarely actually open the hymnal, since the words are always on the screens.