caption please…

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  • Purplepuppy48

    It may be a smart car, but it didn’t have a smart driver. haha

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  • Lance M.

    “Like a glove!” -Ace Ventura

  • Kimberly Flotho

    Bad car.

  • Suziesateri


  • Billy

    Josie and her 4 friends found the only way they could fit was to pop their heads out the sunroof

  • Sandra

    I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T!

  • MicroKong ???????

    Taking advantage of the loopholes has never been “smarter”.

  • Hollyquin

    Nobody puts Urkel in a corner…

  • Stacy Anderson

    OutSMARTed those sign posting bastards, hahaha!

  • mohan37

    Tonight, on Local News 10: Area car arrested for public urination.

  • erin1689

    This looks like a good hiding place. I think I lost em.

    • jackalopekid