Book or Movie

My wife would rather read a book and I’d rather watch a movie. She’s weird I know… 😉

Are you a book or movie person?

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  • Musicfanmic

    Movie. I won’t lie. But I tried by buying 8 books this past weekend.

    • jackalopekid

      oh wow. 8???

  • Haleigh Cain

    Listening to a book…yeah I know…it’s cheating :)

    • jackalopekid

      ha. there ya go

  • Emily Happell

    It’s been months since I’ve watched a movie. In that time I’ve read dozens of books. I don’t dislike movies, it just doesn’t occur to me to seek them out unless they are highly recommended. I did hear that Karate Kid came out today, and I plan to rent it and watch with my kids. :)

    • jackalopekid

      great movie fo sho

  • katdish

    I like to read the book and then see the movie so I can be a snob and complain about all the ways they ruined the book.

    Actually, I’m very fond of both. But I’ll stop reading a bad book before I’ll stop watching a bad movie.

    • jackalopekid

      haha. it seems everyone likes to do this

  • Tina Wilt

    My bro, sis & I were raised to be readers. Nothing beats what the individual reader’s imagination can see. Definitely books!

    • jackalopekid

      good stuff

  • Mish Traje

    I’d rather see the movie first then read the book. Most often than not though I’d find myself loving the books than the movies. Just so I would still appreciate the movies however it didn’t show everything the book has.

    • jackalopekid

      thats what my wife says

  • bryankhill

    Both put me to sleep. Does that mean I’m getting old????

    • jackalopekid

      ha. probably

  • Kimberly Flotho

    Book person! Then I can “Exercise” my imagination.

    • jackalopekid

      ha. so you’re one of those. 😉

  • darylhb

    My mum’s a librarian, so … I’m kind of a born-and-bred reader :)