best app on the iPhone

You can tell a lot about someone after looking at what apps they have on their phone.

So, I was looking at my iPhone today and I noticed I only have two games on it. Angry birds and Words with Friends.

Now that you know I only have two games on my iPhone, you have probably come to the conclusion that I hate fun.

I have 11 twitter apps, but I only use one. Hootsuite. It’s what works for me. I guess I’m saving the rest just for fun.

I have tons of video and photo apps that I never use. I really can’t remember the last time I used something besides the “Camera” app.

My favorite app of all would have to be Evernote. It’s my life saver.

The YouVersion Bible application is pretty awesome as well. I say this because I am so holy. 😉

Besides the apps that come on the iPhone, these are really the only extras.

Maybe I need some new ones.

What app(s) do you use the most?

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  • Nathanbeckrules

    Words with friends. Twitter for iPhone. Facebook. Some rad cooking apps. Youversiin bible. Instagram! So legit. And skype. Those are my go-to apps

  • Nathanbeckrules

    Words with friends. Twitter for iPhone. Facebook. Some rad cooking apps. Youversiin bible. Instagram! So legit. And skype. Those are my go-to apps

    • jackalopekid

      what cooking apps?

  • Darrin

    My most used iPhone apps as of right now are Batchbook, echofon, satchel and reeder

    • jackalopekid

      nice. i’ve only heard of echofon. i’ll have to check the rest of those out. thanks!

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  • Rick Smith

    Waze, Youversion and Tweetdeck are 3 applications that are always running.

    • jackalopekid

      waze? never heard of it

  • Dan Sardinas

    You have to get Siri Assistant, Boxcar & Awesome Note

    • jackalopekid

      cool. i’ll check em out

  • haydeeang

    Christians are allowed to play Plants vs Zombies too, you know.

    • jackalopekid

      ha. now i know

  • Robert Murray

    ireddit, ifound, and lots of tunmark!

    • jackalopekid

      havent used any of those. thanks for the recommendations

  • fx501

    Probably: FB, Informant, Tunein, Ebay (buying/selling) and news apps. They’re pretty essential ones. Like you it’ll have to be a productivity one.

    • jackalopekid


  • Prudence

    Evernote and Twitter for iPhone.

    I’ve fallen in love with Evernote.

    • jackalopekid

      good stuff

  • td

    I use the MLB Gameday App almost every day during baseball season to listen to games, same goes for the NBA GameTime during basketball season. I wish NFL would come out with one btw.

    I also use the Comcast app to schedule DVR recordings. I still haven’t found a Twitter app I love, but usually use official Twitter app (I’ll have to try out hootsuite though).

    That’s about all I use. I have games but never play them (but my boys do)

    • jackalopekid

      nice. didn’t know about that gameday app. i’ll def have to check into it

  • Jeff Goins

    I have a ton of twitter apps as well. I was a Hootsuite guy for awhile, but now use Echofon for my personal Twitter and Twitter for iPhone (RIP Tweetie) for everything else.

    I like Evernote, and the only games I have are Words with Friends and SheepLauncher. Yup, no Angry Birds… I must REALLY hate fun.

    The best Bible app, though, is definitely the ESV Bible app (free!). I’m a fan of the translation and the UI is pretty slick and easy. You can read it offline, as well.