Are You In A Rut?

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If you answered “yes” to being in a rut, then you probably feel like life was better at some point in the past. I know when I feel like things are bad, I have something to compare it to, whether it be my own life or others. Oh by the way, comparing your life to others never works out well.

The first step to getting out of it is identifying the things that have made you feel like there is no way out of the hole that you are in. Here are just a few things to get your mind headed in the right direction…

1. How can I get back to the way my marriage used to be?

What are some of those things that you and your spouse used to do to make things exciting? I know when Jasmine and I have something to look forward to in the upcoming week, it makes things exciting. It creates new topics to talk about. Never stop finding new experiences to create so the conversation doesn’t stop. Also, discover each other once again every single day.

2. How can my relationship with God get back to what it used to be?

At some point during your walk with God, you either felt really close to God and don’t feel that close anymore, or you’ve fallen more in love with Him than the day that you first talked with Him. Whatever place that you are at in this moment, this relationship controls everything. It really does. The great thing about it is that you can talk to God no matter where you are at. Try it.

3. How do I want to truly help others once again?

Our selfish human nature demands that we pay attention to this constantly. If we aren’t careful, selfishness takes over. I personally have to be very intentional with this, because with the business of life, this can easily be overlooked.

4. How do I have time for myself again?

Yes, taking care of yourself is important. Some people are on the opposite end of selfishness and take care of others so much that they don’t take care of themselves. This can create burnout if some time isn’t scheduled in for yourself soon. Fill yourself up so you can pour into others.

Maybe these aren’t even what you are dealing with. All of these have just been my experiences along the way. Whatever situation that you are in right now, remember that you are the answer to the beginning of moving forward.

Add to this discussion…

What is a rut that you were in at some point in life and how did you get out? You can leave a comment below.

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