I Don’t Know

Creative Commons Photo Credit by photojonny

You don’t know everything. I promise.

Once you realize this, you can begin seeking what answers you need.

It makes you vulnerable and that in itself makes your team trust you more.

A leader that shares what they know and is humble in the areas of where they need to grow, shows others that it’s ok to know where your strengths are and those areas where some work needs to be put in. In the process you will pick up skills that make you better along the way.

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You Are Just Down One Step: The Idea

Creative Commons Photo Credit by pascalbovet

Ideas come and they go.

Some of those ideas that come are bad, some are good and then some are those great ones in life.

Forget about the bad ideas once you recognize which ones those are. There is no use in spending mental capacity on ideas that aren’t going anywhere.

As for the good ideas, write those down somewhere where you can come back to them later. You may need to spend extra time thinking about how you can make those good ideas even better. With some strategic planning, those will most likely become great later on.

Great ideas are the game changers.  Those are the ones that are bigger than you. Those are the ones that you will need help in making happen. Those are the ones that will impact others the most. Those are the ones you will want to spend time on to craft very carefully in order to make them succeed in the way they were intended to. Those are the ideas that are ready to be seen.

So, You Are Just Down One Step: The Idea

Frankly, all you need is one golden idea to kickstart the process, but wouldn’t it be great if you had so many great ideas that you had options on which one to move on first? When options happen, you don’t settle for just another good idea. The creative juices begin to flow and greatness begins to form.

The idea is to increase the frequency of great ideas. So, how do you do that?

Here are a few ways to put yourself in the way of more great ideas:

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