Follow Up

So many times there is advice, direction, counsel or coaching given, but it stops there.
That’s it.
I don’t take the time to see how that person is doing in life. I don’t think twice about checking in.
I get busy and go back into the normal routine.
I need to take the time to follow up.

The process isn’t done with just giving information.

The process is done when there is execution.

Celebrate the execution.

Am I the only one who struggles with the follow up?

When You Go To Church

There’s the people that go to church because they feel that they have to.

There’s the people that go for the community.

There’s the people that go because they hold a “big position” in the church.

Whatever it may be…

Why do you go to church?

the way you think

Maybe you’ve noticed that some people like to talk negatively. That’s just a sign that they think negatively, too.
Not only do people like to think negatively, but they tend to stay there.
That’s just annoying to be around.

When people think positively, they change the atmosphere around them. Ever noticed why you like to be around people who think positively?

Here’s why I think that positive thinkers have an advantage:

  • Positive thinkers help those around them to see that they can accomplish whatever they can dream up.
  • People who think negatively don’t try things because they have already canceled themselves out of even accomplishing goals.
  • Positive thinking is just better and it’s contagious.

Help me finish this list…

What else can positive thinking do for people?