stealing other’s ideas

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” -Charles Caleb Colton

We’ve all stolen an idea at some point, whether we meant to or not.
Actually, most ideas we’ve had have probably been thought of before.

Here’s an idea that I stole a couple of months ago from a friend because I was tired of taking life as it came my way instead of me deciding what I would get out of life.

I wake up earlier so I can lay a good foundation for my day. I used to sleep in ’til the last second and each day would just be a surprise. I didn’t do much planning and life just became a lot of luck. Maybe you’ve experienced life like this.

Some other things that I’ve picked up along the way are to take vitamins everyday. Write things down because you’ll forget that junk. Take time to celebrate everything. Give the why behind the compliment. (Instead of “I love you.”, say “I love you because…”).

I don’t know about you, but I want the most out of life everyday. I’m not here to just take up space.

Also, someone told me that Scott toilet tissue lasts the longest. That might be the most important thing I’ve learned in life. 😉

There’s a lot of other ideas that I’ve stolen from other people, because let’s face it…

None of us have all the answers.

So, what ideas have you stolen from others that could benefit the rest of us here?


People get tired. Excitement gets lost. Routine gets old.
You have to keep things fresh.
Sometimes you even have to be intentional about it.

I’m excited about going to some Rockies games. I love baseball season by the way.

What’s something that’s coming up soon that you are excited about?

i still like tradition

Well, today is Easter Sunday. I actually went to church last night, but that doesn’t really matter.
This year’s service was a little different, but in a good way.
That’s because I appreciate tradition. I really do.
Yes, young people like tradition, too.

I like the communion.
I like the Easter plays.
I like singing hymns.
I bet I’d even like Catholic Mass. I need to try that out sometime.

I think there’s always time for those things.
I always hear people wanting to change everything just for the sake of change and keeping up with the times.
I guess I can see that side, too.
Gotta keep it fresh.


What do you think of traditions?