Form Relationships

You have to form a relationship to expect people to read, follow or whatever else you want to happen.

Each week I fill out a sheet that 1% club members are provided with called a “Weekly Focus”. It focuses on how the previous week could have been better and items that need to be done in the up coming week to make it a success. One of the sections that it focuses on is strategic relationships that I need to focus on in the upcoming week to “make things happen”. It seems to just focus on relationships that can get me somewhere, though. Maybe this isn’t the best thing, as I want to also focus on daily relationships that don’t necessarily propel me farther in life.
I guess that’s a decision you just have to make. Even though I don’t know what your schedule looks like, there are certain relationships that won’t necessarily help you reach your dreams, but you should still take time for them, right?

What do you think? Also, what are some relationships that are important to you?

prepared when opportunities come up

A lot of folks that I talk to are wondering if going to school or going back to school would be the best option for them. I get it. It’s hard to work, be married, have kids and go to school. It may not be necessary for your job, but for those of you that think it might be good for you, even later in life, go ahead and do that. It will just be harder to do down the road. I’m not saying that college is necessary, but it does prepare you for something later on in life. I think John Wooden says it best…

“When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s school we’re talking about. That’s just good advice.

Can you think of something that’s happened in your life that came up and you just weren’t prepared for it?

ways to read books

Whether you listen to audiobooks, like to read pages the old-fashioned way, read on an iPad, read on a kindle or read on a nook, you consume information. Let me know if I’m missing another way to read books.

I guess it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you play to the best way that you consume information. (Learned this past week that doing this is the only way to increase leadership capacity.) I don’t know about you, but that’s a big deal to me.

Simple question…

How do you read books?