scared to write about it

As I’ve been reading others’ blogs, I’ve noticed something lately about “Christian” bloggers, including myself. We rarely use Scripture in our posts. Maybe it’s becoming “uncool”… NO.WAY.

I know my reason. It’s because I know someone is reading my posts and knows a lot more about the Bible than I do. Then when I use that Scripture that I think is perfect, someone who knows Hebrew and Latin and actually wrote part of the Bible, points out that it’s not being used in the right context. Yep. That happens quite a bit.

I do learn something from those folks, though.

I’ve been thinking about all of this lately. This shouldn’t keep me from using Scripture. I should share it every chance I get.

I should actually use a verse in every post even if it doesn’t go, just to mess with all of your minds.

Maybe I’ll start with something easy, but profound. Something like John 3:16.

That verse always goes.

So, what’s your favorite scripture and why?

finding that niche

let me be honest here.

for me, blogging started out as a “trying to be like everyone else” thing and ended up being a way to express myself and let my thoughts out on a page. except it’s not that personal journal thing. instead it’s where the whole world can see it. never thought i’d like it really. social media surprised me, too. i like to keep everything to myself, except for this area.

so, when i started reading others’ blogs i noticed they had a niche for the most part. a place where their blog fits in.

but, lately i’ve been thinking about finding where this blog fits. i mean if i just stuck to music or climbing or church, i don’t know if i’d even stay interested. i guess writing all over the place is for my enjoyment, too.

yep. this blog fits in the random category.

so, what do you think?

Should blogs have a main subject or do they work when they’re all over the place?