The Future of Social Media Is A Scary Thing


I spend a lot of time dealing with WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter. The time that I spend on each platform has me thinking about the future of social media and how long it will be around. Will I be 80 years old and tweeting about my false teeth and my walker? Maybe so. I will not blame you if you don’t read my tweets when I’m 80 years old.


Where do you see the future of social media heading? What are some things you would like to see in the next big social media craze?

Tips On How to Process Ideas


Here is a guest post from my good friend, Jason Young over at Great stuff there. Check it! You can also find Jason on twitter at @jasonyounglive.

I was chatting with my friend, Jeremie Kubicek, CEO of GiANT Impact, about how to process ideas. His simple insight has been a help to me.

Filter your idea(s) through the following:

People – are the right people at the table to make the idea executable?
Funding – are the financial resources available to execute the idea?
Timing – are the timing elements aligned to execute this particular idea?
Once you have the main ingredients (above), I would add three important factors:

Organization – are you putting elements together to create a functioning whole?
Discipline – are you prepared to live in an orderly pattern of behavior?
Poise – are you in a state of readiness, especially for the unexpected?

If your idea survives the above process, what are you waiting for? Go for it!