ear tunes

Here are my 10 favorite songs at the moment:

If I’m in my car with no cd’s or an iPod, there is no way I’m listening to the Christian radio station longer than 3 songs. They play the same stuff from ten years ago.

My playlist has changed quite a bit from what it was just a few weeks ago. My top ten songs last month would have been a mixture of Snow Patrol, Drake and 3OH!3. This month, every one of my favorite songs are “Christian” songs. I mean, I still listen to “secular” music (whatever “secular” means), but Jesus Culture and Trip Lee have been hitting me hard lately. That’s a good thing, by the way. I like all kinds of music. If it has good music behind some good lyrics, I’m all for it, whether it be from Kim Walker or Eminem. There’s definitely a feeling I get from different types of music, though. With Kim I get an uplifting feeling and with Eminem, I get some sort of an angry feeling.

So, here’s my question for you…

Do you think Christians should only listen to “Christian” music? Oh, and what music are you listening to these days?

top 15 sites

Here is a list of my favorite websites/vlogs/blogs right now. If your site isn’t on here, I apologize. It’s most likely number 16. 😉


1. relevantmagazine.com

I look at relevant for the great blog posts and the great articles on the right side of the site. Always something good going on over there.

2. drummerworld.com

I dig this site because I like watching people bang on stuff. :) It’s what I do.

3. climbing.com

Well, I love this site because I love climbing. It has great photos, new routes and great tips.

4. likecool.com

I love likecool because it’s creative crazy and weird all at the same time. I always find something I’ve never seen over there.

5. awkwardfamilyphotos.com

I love this site because of all the great family portraits they have over there. I actually get a lot of my “Caption Friday” photos there. Trust me, you will laugh.

6. jpgmag.com

I wouldn’t call myself a photographer by any means, but this site makes me want to dabble with cameras more. Beautiful stuff.

7. thedw.us

This site is a lot like likecool.com, but it has more to offer sometimes. Keep up with this site if you need something different.

Blogs You probably ready all of these already, but just in case…

8. flowerdust.net

You probably know that Anne is my favorite blogger. You’ll know why after you read one of her posts. Right now she’s riding a bike across the nation. She helps folks with every post. She is genuine. This is why I like her site.

9. stuffchristianslike.net

This is my second favorite blog. Want to know why? It’s dang funny and he seems to be a great guy.

10. ragamuffinsoul.com

I like Carlos Whittaker’s weblog because it’s a genuine, heartfelt look into what being a father is like. He also takes you along the journey of his music career and is creative with it along the way.

11. michaelhyatt.com

I like this site because it makes me think of new ways that I can make life easier and be more organized. I have to applaud anyone that can make this happen.

12. donmilleris.com

I love Don Miller as a person and so I naturally love his site. The way he includes “Story” into his story is epic. Check it.

13. blainehogan.com

I love the creativity over on Blaine’s site. I get something every time I read it. Make sure to check it out.


14. ijustine.com

I like ijustine.com because it talks about technical stuff and combines it with funny, real life stuff.


I just like these videos because it’s of everyday life. The guy that shoots all of the videos are pretty funny, too.

If you haven’t heard some of these, you probably want to check them out.

What websites/vlogs/blogs do you check out?