The Best Things About Fort Collins, Colorado


Here are the ten best things about Fort Collins, Colorado:

  1. There isn’t much humidity.
  2. The mountains are close by.
  3. This town despises litter.
  4. People are really active here.
  5. It’s at the right size where everybody knows everybody.
  6. It snows the right amount.
  7. Everything is in walking distance.
  8. People are nice.
  9. There are tons of great restaurants.
  10. There are too many bike trails to count.

Now, give me one reason why you love the city that you live in.

Celebrating My Dad On Father’s Day


My dad lives in Atlanta. Our relationship hasn’t been what it probably should be lately, but we both say we are “busy”. We need to work on that one. Even though we don’t catch up with each other that often now, I do sometimes think about all the awesome childhood memories. My favorite memories are of us playing catch with each other. We did that almost every day. I have to remember when I become a dad, that it’s the small things that really matter. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the small moments as well as the big moments.

What is your favorite memory with your dad?

Evernote Helps Everyone Stay Organized


I just changed my whole organization system. I went from a bunch of important papers thrown into a binder to an electronic folder system in evernote. As for notes, I am between using evernote and pen and paper. As much as I want to go totally paperless, pulling out a pen and paper just feels easier than using evernote all the time. All I have found that comes close to my ideal organization setup is this, so that I can combine my iPad and pen and paper.

How do you stay organized?