We All Need To Be More Intentional


Sometimes I’m so busy living for the future, that I forget about today. I take the time to plan all these huge goals and try to setup the future to be bright. I probably miss out on opportunities on a daily basis that I would have seen if I would have been more intentional about them.

I forget how important it is to make Jasmine’s day.
I forget how important it is to make sure others know I care.
I forget about the kid whose dad isn’t around to play catch with them.
I forget about how important it is to just smile.
I forget that some people just need me.

People need you, too. They need you to be you. This is what “being intentional” is to me.

What are some other examples of how all of us can be more intentional each day?

The Great Books I Am Reading


I enjoy reading a good old-fashioned book over an iBook on the iPad any day, because there is nothing like turning pages. And the awesome smell of a new book is pretty amazing, too. In the picture above are books that I have purchased in the past few months, but haven’t read yet. Now you know what I will be doing for the next month or so.

What books are you reading these days? What books can you recommend to the rest of this community?