There are a lot of good lyrics out there. There are also a lot of terrible lines in songs. Some people tell me they just like the beat of the song and don’t even pay attention to the lyrics, which has never made sense to me. Anyways, one of my favorite lines is “…Break my heart from what breaks yours…”. You probably know what song it’s from, but just in case you don’t, it’s from a worship song named “Hosanna”. That line really describes the relationship I ultimately want with God. I want to get to that point, folks.

So, what’s your favorite song lyrics? What do the words mean to you?

Is it ever ok to lie?

I can remember as a kid I would fib a lot. I would lie about silly things. They were things that didn’t matter at all. Even as I got older I would stretch the truth to make myself look better, feel less embarrassed about things, make the story shorter so I didn’t have to go into deeper details and I would try to dodge things that I didn’t necessarily want to talk about. Looking back on it, I’m wondering if there is ever a situation that lying is ok.

What do you think?

the thing i miss

The one thing i miss about being in an old church is the purple carpet. I always wondered why churches have the weirdest colors. There are many things I miss about old time church. The hymns, choir robes, purple jackets, banners and the people playing off rhythm with tambourines. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

What’s one thing you like about church or that you miss seeing in church these days?