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Doing Sunday night services @orchardchurch = me watching online service @chapelhill. Music was awesome during worship service, but that wasn’t what did it for me. It was actually "Jesus Saves" by Carlos Whittaker during baptisms that got me pumped. There’s something about getting excited about what Jesus is doing in lives. More exciting than that football game on Saturday or Sunday– We’re talking about eternity here. So tell me something, what church song got you pumped today? Did the song go back a little ways and it took you to that place in life where you were closer to God than where you are now, or was it newness?

up with the tree

went and bought our first “real” Christmas tree tonight. they delivered it to our door. we brought it inside and here’s what we did with it:

sorry for all the posts with videos in them. Now that Thanksgiving is over it’s straight into Christmas, folks. Oh, and that is my butt.