What If…

I know I shouldn’t focus on the past because I can’t change what has happened. But, I am human and think about it from time to time. So here a question for ya://

What if…

I would have never moved to Atlanta?

I would have never bought a home here in Atlanta?

I would have studied harder in college?

I can’t stop drinking caffeine?

I’m the crazy one?

// What’s your “What if…”?

Rules of Twitter

Screen shot 2009-09-29 at 11.34.41 PM

Today I wrote twitter, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey (CEOs of twitter) all with the same message to see if there was a rulebook on twitter. I’ve gotten no responses yet, but this subject came up a few weeks ago on here. We talked about doing a blog post on this subject matter, so here it is. I’ve always thought you can just make twitter whatever you want it to be, but some others don’t agree- (part 1) and (part 2) // (Examples: How often you should tweet, Auto-follow, Auto DMs, asking for RTs, tweet to reply ratio). So, what do you think?… Should twitter have rules about how you should tweet or should you be able to tweet however you want to?


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Yep, It’s finally feeling a little bit like fall here in Georgia. Love this weather. You love it and I love it. But to get more specific, I really love when the leaves change color. Every year we try going for a drive in the north Georgia mountains to take a look at them. That’s my favorite thing about the fall. So tell me something, What’s your favorite thing about fall? Be specific.